NECW – New England Championship Wrestling

NECW TV 1/8/10 (debut eps# 1)
1. Owners Announce tv deal
2. NECW 101: NECW Championships… High of Kris Pyro Tv champ/Alexus Neveah WWW champ/Crown Jewels Tag champs/Max Bauer Triple crown champ
3. Kris Pyro (champ) vs Chris Camaro (for TV title)
4. Brett Adams Int./Rican Havoc (Jose Perez & Don Vega) Int.
5. Alexxis Neveah (champ) vs Mistress Belmont ( for WWW title)
6. Real Natural vs Twiggy & Stupefied

NECW 1/15/10 (Eps. #2)
1. The Crown Jewels (champs) vs Alex Payne & Davey Loomis (for tag titles)
2. High. of Crown Jewels (champs) vs Rican Havoc (for tag titles) from 11/28/09
3. Max Bauer (champ) vs Alex Arion (for triple crown) Rage in the cage steel cage match, DC Dillinger sp ref.
NECW TV 1/22/10 (Eps. 3)

1. Blue Meanie Promo
2. NECW 101: Thier 4 main events (Birthday Bash/Iron 8 Tourn./Toxic Waltz/Genesis
3. Alexxis Neveah Video/Red Devil Fight Team promo
4. Red Devil Fight Team (Aleksander Chekov & Mikail Ivanov) vs Rican Havoc (Ryan Bisbal & Don Vega) tag team classic finals 9/19/09
5. “Sensational” Scott Levesque vs Davey Cash
6. “The Talent” TJ Richter promo
7. Blue Meanie vs TJ Richter (Mini Roe & Monroe interfer & Kris Pyro makes save)
8. “The heat” Kris Pyro promo

NECW TV 1/29/10 (Eps. 4)

1. Little Guido promo
2. NECW 101: Brandon Locke
3. “Sensational” Scott Levesque promo
4. DC Dillinger vs Scott Levesque
5. Sammi Lane & Kamaya vs Alexxis Neveah & Ivy
6. Pat “the brat” Piper/Ref. Rich Bass (interupted by Little Guido) promo
7. Little Guido vs Brandon Locke

NECW TV 2/5/10 (Eps# 5)

1. Amber vs Taeler Hendrix
2. High of NECW at Lowell Devils hockey game/Kris Pyro/Max Bauer/Handsome Johnny & Scoot Levesque promos
3. Scott Osbourne & Brandon Locke vs Davey Loomis & Alex Payne
4. Beth Pheonix vs Mecedes Martinez (Deja Vu match from B-day bash 8/9/02)
5. DC Dillinger Int with Maddog Matt Storm & SEan Gorman
NECW 2/12/10 (Eps # 6)

1. Mike Bennett vs Davey Cash
2. NECW 101: Mjor Events
3. TJ Richter, Mr. Munroe & Mr. Minroe on Pat Pipers Pit
4. 4. Alex Payne & Davey Loomis/Crown Jewels & Tony Ulysseys int’s
5. Max Bauer (champ) vs Scott Levesque (for triple crown title)
6. Real Natural promo
NECW TV 2/19/10 (Eps# 7)

1. DC Dillinger vs Matt Magnum
2. Promo for NECW video with stars of today
3. Pat’s pit: Sean Gorman
4. DC Dillinger & Alex Arion fued recap
5. Crown Jewels/Mike Bennett Int’s
6. Kris Pyro (champ) vs Ray Keijimura (for TV title)
NECW TV 2/26/10 (Eps# 8)

1. TJ Richter vs Vinnie Marseglia
2. Pat’s Pit: Brandon Locke, Brett Adams & Max Bauer
3. Sean Gorman/Taeler Hendrix Int. with Amber(they brawl)
4. Crown Jewels (champs) vs Rican Havoc (for tag titles)
5. Rundown of the card for tomorrow nights Toxic Waltz card
NECW TV 3/1/10 (Eps# 9)

1. Biff Busick (debut) vs Ryan Bisbal
2. Kris Pyro promo
3. Mistress Belmont vs Taeler Hendrix
4. NECW 101: Iron 8
5. Pat Pipers pit: Brett Adams, Scott Osborne & Brandon Locke
6. Rican Havoc promo
7. Handsome Johnny vs Mike Bennett
8. DC Dillinger/Sami Lane & Handsome Johnny int.
NECW TV 3/8/10 (Eps# 10)

1. Crown Jewels (champs) vs Vinny Marseglia & Marco Mac
2. Alex Payne Int.
3. Scott Osbourne vs Guy Alexander
4. Pats Pit: Ivory & Ryan Bisbal
5. Alexxis Nevaeh Int. with Sean Gorman (Mistress Belmont jumps Alexxis & cuts her hair)
6. Kris Pyro (champ) vs Scott Levesque (for TV title)
7. TJ Richter, Monroe & miniroe/Max Bauer & Handsome Johnny promos
NECW TV 3/15/10 (Eps# 11)

1. Mr. Munroe vs Julian Starr (TJ Richter & Mini Roe get involved)
2. Pat’s Pit: Handsome Johnny, Sami Lane & Scott Levesque
3. Rican Havoc vs Rey Keijimura & David Cash
4. Sean Gorman Int. with Kyle Storm & Alexxis Nevaeh/Scott Osbourne Int.
5. NECW 101: High. of Max Bauer (champ) vs Brandon Locke (for triple crown) Sami Lane & Scott Osbourne interfere
6. Brandon Locke vs DC Dillinger
7. Mike Bennett & Guy Alexander/TJ Richter, Mr. Munroe & Mini Roe Int. with Julian Starr

NECW TV 3/22/10 (Eps# 12)

1. Mr Munroe & Mr. Mini Roe vs Ryan Waters & Julian Starr
2. Matt Magnum vs Alex Payne
3. “Rock god” Brett Adams Int.
4. Pat’s Pit: Crown Jewels & Tony Ulysses with Rican Havoc
5. Alexxis Nevaeh (champ) vs Ivy (for WWW title)
6. Kris Pyro Int. (Scott Levesque KO’s him)
NECW TV 3/29/10 (Eps. # 13)

1. Badboy Jason vs Don Vega
2. Ryan Waters & Matt Magnum/Sean Gorman & Mistress Belmont/Ryan Bisbal & Ivory Int.
3. TJ Richter $5,000 body slam challenge of Mr. Munroe: Alex Payne
4. Alexxis Nevaeh Int.
5. Kris Pyro (champ) vs Handsome Johnny (for TV title)
6. DC Dillinger Int.

NECW TV 4/5/10 (Eps. # 14)

1. Makua (return) vs DC Dillinger
2. Brandon Locke & Brett Adams Int./Pat’s Pit: Rican Havoc/Kris Pyro Int.
3. Matt Magnum & Ryan Waters vs Davey Loomis & Alex Payne
4. TJ Richter & Mr Munroe Int.
5. Alexxis Nevaeh (champ) vs Mistress Belmont (for WWW title or belmont & Gormans hair)

NECW TV 4/12/10 (Eps# 15)

1. Jose Perez vs Darlin Damon
2. Mistress Belmont & Sean Gorman Int./Pat’s Pit: Davey Loomis & Alex Payne with TJ Richter & Mr Munroe/ “Rock god” Brett Adams/Handsome Johnny, Sammi Lane & Scott Levesque/Crown Jewels/Vinny Marseglia & Marco Macc Promos
3. Battle Royal (winner gets triple crown title shot)
4. Ryan Bisbal & Ivy Int. with Brandon Locke & Brett Adams/Max Buaer Int.
NECW TV 4/19/10 (Eps# 16)
1. Matt Magnum vs Vinny Marseglia
2. DC Dillinger/Alexxis Nevaeh Promos/Pat’s Pit: Kris Pyro with David Cash/Crown Jewels/Max Bauer (in locker room) promos
3. Brandon Locke (champ) vs Ryan Bisbal (for triple crown title)
4. Handsome Johnny, Sammi Lane & Scott Levesque/Ryan Bisbal & Ivy int’s

NECW TV 4/26/10 (Eps# 17)

1. Scott Levesque vs Vinny Marseglia
2. Handsome Johnny & Sammi Lane promo/Pat’s Pit: Matt Magnum & Ryan Waters/Taeler Hendrix promo
3. NECW 101: Iron 8 Championship/Paul Richards NEHOF induction/Ryan Bisbal & Ivy promo
4. DC Dillinger vs Scott Osbourne
5. Tester (band) NECW Video/Kris Pyro promo

NECW TV 5/3/10 (Eps# 18)

1. Mr Munroe bodyslam challenge: Alex Payne
2. Davey Loomis & Alex Payne vs Mr Munroe, TJ Richter & Mini Roe
3. Max Buaer/Davey Cash/Vinny Marseglia/Marco Macc/Handsome Johnny, Scott Levesque & Sammi Lane promos/Pat’s Pit: DC Dillinger/Crown Jewels/Brett Adams & Real Natural promos
4. Mistress Belmont (champ) vs Taeler Hendrix (for WWW title)
NECW TV 5/10/10 (Eps# 19)

1. Handsome Johnny vs Tommy Mack
2. Rican Havoc/Sean Gorman & Mistress Belmont promos
3. Pats Pit: Brandon Locke, Brett Adams & Scott Osbourne (Max Bauer runs in & gets jumped by Brian Milonas (debut) trying to collect the $10,000 bounty)
4. Ryan Bisbal & Ivy promo/7th ann. iron 8 video recap
5. Kris Pyro (champ) vs David Cash (for TV title)
6. Pyro & Cash backstage

NECW TV 5/17/10 (Eps# 20)

1. Mister Munroe body slam challenge: Alex Payne (they jump him)
2. Alexxis Nevaeh promo
3. Mistress Belmont (champ) vs Ivy (for WWW title)
4. Brian Milonas promo
5. Brandon Locke (champ) vs Ryan Bisbal (for triple crown title) video recap
6. Ryan Bisbal & Ivy promo with DC Dillinger
7. Crown Jewels(champs) vs Davey Loomis & Alex Payne ve Matt Magnum & Ryan Waters vs Rican Havoc (for tag titles)
8. Scott Levesque promo with Johnny Handsome
NECW TV 5/24/10 (Eps# 21)

1. Matt Magnum vs Marco Macc (1st rnd break through brawl)
2. Rican Havoc promo/Pats Pit: Ryan Bisbal & Ivy/Ryan Waters & Matt Magnum promo
3. Mistress Belmont (champ) vs Sarah Blackheart (for WWW title)
4. Handsome Johnny vs Scott Levesque (Sami Lane turns on Johnny)
5. Crown Jewels/Sami Lane & Scott Levesque/Kris Pyro promos
NECW TV 5/31/10 (Eps# 22)

1. Vinny Marseglia vs Ryan Waters vs Rey Keijimura (triple threat) Brian Milonas & Max Brauer come brawling from the back all over & match is stopped
2. Brett Adams & Real Natural/David Cash/Sean Gorman & Mistress Belmont promos
3. Mister Munroe vs Alex Payne (TJ Ritcher & Mini Roe interfere)
4. Handsome Johnnyint/Rey Keijimura/Vinny Marseglia promos
5. Crown Jewels (champs) vs Rican Havoc (for tag titles) no DQ, Mr. Fab barred from ringside

NECW TV 6/7/10 (Eps# 23)

1. Ryan Waters vs Rey Kejimura vs Vinny Marseglia (1st rnd breakthrough brawl)
2. Rican Havoc/Amber/Max Bauer promos
3. Pat’s Pit: Alex Payne
4. Davey Cash/DC Dillinger promos
5. Kris Pyro (champ) vs David Cash (for tv title)
6. Alexxis Neveah promo
NECW TV 6/14/10 (Eps# 24)

1. Alexxis Neveah vs Amber (after match Mistress Belmont runs in)
2. Rey Kejimuta promo
3. Pat’s Pit: Sammi Lane & Scott Levesque
4. Sean Gorman & Mistress Belmont/TJ Richter & Mini Roe promos
5. Real Natural vs Ryan Bisbal & DC Dillinger
6. Kris Pyro Promo
NECW TV 6/21/10 (Eps# 25)

1. Kris Pyro promo
2. Mr. Mini Roe vs Tripleicious (1st rnd breakthrough bash)
3. Brett Adams & Real Natural promo
4. Pat’s Pit: Rey Kejimuta with Devils Reject
5. Paul Richards, SEan Gorman & Mistress Belmont int./Ryan Bisbal & Ivy/Handsome Johnny promos
6. Brian Malonas vs Max Bauer
7. TJ Richter, Mister Munroe & Mini Roe/David Cash, Matt Magnum & Ryan Waters/DC Dillinger promos

NECW TV 6/28/10 (Eps# 26)

1. Trent Acid Tribute
2. Rey Keijimura va “Devils Reject” Brandon Webb
3. Brian Milonas promo/Pat’s Pit: Kris Puro with Vinny Marseglia & Triplelicious/Johnny Handsome Hayes Int./Rican Havoc promo
4. Scott Osbourne vs Ryan Bisbal
5. Paul Richards/Alexxis Nevaeh promos

NECW TV 7/5/10 (Eps# 27)

1. David Cash, Ryan Waters & Matt Magnum vs Kris Pyro, Triplelicious & Vinny Marseglia
2. Alex Payne/Sammi Lane & Scott Levesque/ Pats Pit: Triplelicious with TJ Richter, Mr. Munroe & Mr. Miniroe
3. Mistress Belmont (champ) vs Alexxis Nevaeh (for WW title) Gorman Barred from ringside
4. Sean Gorman & Mistress Belmont/Brett Adams & Brandon Locke promos

NECW TV 7/12/10 (Eps# 28)

1. DC Dillinger vs Kahagas (return)
2. Rey Keijimuta promo/Pat’s Pit: Alexxis Nevaeh/Rican Havoc promo
3. Brandon Locke (champ) vs Handsome Johnny Hayes (for triple crown title) Scott Levesque, Gino Giavanti & Sammi Lane jump Johnny
4. Gino Giavanti, Sammi Lane & Scott Levesque (G3 network) Int.

NECW TV 7/19/10 (Eps# 29)

1. Vinny Marseglia vs Ryan Waters vs Mister Miniroe (break through bash finals chance match)
2. TJ Richter, Mister Munroe & Mister Miniroe Int./Pat’s Pit: Sean Gorman & Mistress Belmont (ASlexxis Nevaeh runs in wild brawl)
3. Kris Pyro (champ) vs Brendan Michael Thomas (for tv title)
4. Brett Adams & Brandon Locke promo
NECW TV 7/26/10 (Eps# 30)

1. Rey Keijimura vs Triplelicious (Break Through Bash Semi finals)
2. High. of Bradon Locke vs Ryan Bisbal (steel cage match)
3. Amber promo
4. Matt Magnum vs Vinny Marseglia (Break Through bash semi finals)
5. Rican Havoc vs TJ Richter & Mister Munroe
6. Brett Adams/Vinny Marseglia with Rey Kejimuta/Alexxis Nevaeh promos
NECW TV 8/2/10 (Eps# 31)

1. Rey Kejimuta vs Vinny Marseglia (Break Through Bash Finals)
2. Brett Adams promo
3. Brian Milonas & Max Bruer recap & promos
4. Davey Cash & Kris Pyro recap & Promos
5. Rican Havoc promo
6. Alexxis Nevaeh & Mistress Belmont recap & Promos
7. Brandon Locke & Ryan Bisbal recap & promos
8. G3 Network promo
9. Alexxis Nevaeh vs Amber
NECW TV 8/9/10 (Eps# 32)

1. Aiden Hunter (debut) vs Brandon Webb
2. Handsome Johnny Hayes Int. with Alex Payne/Alexxis Nevaeh Promo
3. G3 Network vs Alex Payne & Handsome Johnny Hayes
4. Brandon Locke & Brett Adams

NECW TV 8/16/10 (Eps# 33) from this point on it is a 1/2 hour show

1. Rican Havoc Promo/Pat’s Pit: Brandon Locke & Brett Adams/Scott Levesque & Sammi Lane Promo
2. Handsome Johnny Hayes vs Matt Magnum
3. Sean Gorman Promo

NECW TV 8/23/10 (Eps# 34)

1. Pat’s Pit: Davey Cash with Kris Pyro/TJ Ritcher, Mr Munroe & Mini Roe Promo
2. Ryan Bisbal vs Ray Kejimura
3. Sammi Lane Promo
NECW TV 8/30/10 (Eps# 35)

1. Handsome Johnny Hayes Promo
2. Triplelicious vs Scott Levesque
3. Vinny Marseglia/Matt Magnum Promos
4. Rican Havoc vs Doom Crew
5. TJ Ritcher, Mr. Munroe & Mini Roe Promo

NECW TV 9/6/10 (Eps# 36)

1. Rey Kejimura Promo
2. Vinny Marseglia vs Brendan Michael Thomas
3. Ariel, Kimaya & Jana/Kris Pyro & Davey Cash Promos
4. TJ Richter & Mr. Munroe vs Brandon Webb & Cory Kastle
5. Ryan Bisbal Promo

NECW TV 9/13/10 (Eps# 37)

1. Alexxis Nevaeh Promo/Pat’s Pit: Roxie Cotton, Taeler Hendrix & Ivy
2. Roxy Cotton, Taeler Hendrix & Ivy vs Ariel, Kimaya & Jana
3. Da Hoodz (Kris Pyro & Davey Cash)/ Brandon Locke & Brett Adams Promo

NECW TV 9/20/10 (Eps# 38) counter aired on screen

1. TJ Ritcher, Mr. Munroe & Mini Roe/Rican Havoc Promos
2. Triplelicious vs Julian Starr
3. Rican Havoc Promo/High of wrestlers@ the Worcester Hurricanes game/Alexxis Nevaeh Promo
NECW TV 9/27/10 (Eps# 39)

1. Matt Magnum & Ryan Waters (The Prestige) vs Matt & Brian Logan (Return) 1st Rnd of 2nd Ann Tag team classic
2. Triplelicious/Julian Starr & Brett Adams Promos
3. High. of Red Devil Fight Team vs Da Hoodz (2nd Ann tag team classic finals)
4. Rican Havoc (champs) vs Da Hoodz (for tag titles)
5. Da Hoodz promo

NECW TV 10/4/10 (Eps# 40)

1. Ryan Bisbal & Ivy Promo
2. Brian Milonas vs Handsome Johnny Hayes
3. Vinny Marseglia/Taeler Hendrix/Brnadon Locke Promos

NECW TV 10/11/10 (Eps# 41)

1. High. of Rican Havoc (champs) vs Da Hoodz (for tag titles) 9/25/10
2. Rocco Abruzzi vs Ryan Bisbal
3. Alexxis Nevaeh Int. (Sammi Lane KO’s her)/Brandon Locke & Brett Adams Promo
4. Da Hoodz (champs) vs Prestige (for tag titles)
5. Handsome Johnny Hayes Promo

NECW TV 10/18/10 (Eps# 42)

1. G3 NEtwork Promo
2. Alexxis Nevaeh (champ) vs Sammi lane (for WWW title) Mini Roe runs in
3. Fro-KYO Express Promo
4. Brandon Locke (champ) vs Vinny Marseglia (for triple crown title)
5. Mr. Munroe & Mini Roe Promo
NECW TV 10/25/10 (Eps# 43)

1. Brian Milonas Promo/Pat’s Pit: Brett Adams with Paul Richards & Da Hoodz (Pyro Forfits TV title)
2. High. of Brandon Locke (champ) vs Kenny Doane (for triple crown title)
3. Vinny Marseglia/Sammi Lane Promos
4. G3 Network vs TJ Richter & Mr. Munroe (Mini Roe & Sammi Lane get invovled)
5. G3 Network/Mr. Mini Roe/ Mr. Munroe/Rocco Abruzzi/Ryan Bisbal/Bobby V/Vinny Marseglia/Matt Magnum Promos
NECW TV 11/1/10 (Eps# 44)

1. Da Hoodz Promo
2. Battle Royal (last 2 wrestle for held up tv title)
3. Scott Levesque vs Ryan Bisbal (for TV title)
4. Triplelicious/Handsome Johnny Hayes/Brian Milonas Promos

NECW TV 11/8/10 (Eps# 45)

1. Handsome Johnny Hayes Promo
2. Triplelicious vs Bobby V
3. Ryan Bisbal/Rey Kejimura Promo
4. Rey Kejimura vs Brandon Webb
5. Brandon Locke & Brett Adams

NECW TV 11/15/10 (Eps# 46)

1. High. of Handsome Johnny Hayes vs Ryan Bisbal (Toxic Waltz finals)
2. Matt Magnum vs Kevin Correiro
3. Paul Richard & Rich Bass with Sammi lane backstage
4. Mistress Belmont vs Taeler Hendrix
5. Sean Gorman promo
NECW TV 11/22/10 (Eps# 47)

1. Sean Gorman Promo
2. TJ Richter & Mrister Munroe vs Doom Crew
3. Ryan Bisbal (champ) vs Ryan Waters (for TV title)
4. Brendan Michael Thomas Promo

NECW TV 11/29/10 (Eps# 48)

1. Brett Adams, Julian Starr & Brandon Locke Promo
2. Bobby Sluggbert vs Darkmatch Jones (Butcher debuts & jumps them both)
3. Da Hoodz (champs) vs Brendan Michael Thomas & Ryan Waters (for tag titles)
4. Mister Munroe & Mini Roe Int. (Caleb gets caught peeking in Sammi Lanes locker room by Sammi & Commish)

NECW TV 12/6/10 (Eps# 49)

1. Sean Gorman & Butcher John Poe Promo
2. Kevin Correiro vs Julian Starr (gets interfered)
3. Triplilious/Vinny Marselgia Promos
4. Brian Malonas vs Mr Munroe

NECW TV 12/13/10 (Eps# 50)

1. Da Hoodz Promo
2. Scott Levesque vs Vinny Marselgia (Butcher does run in)
3. Brian Malonas/Sammi Lane Promos (Mister & Mini Munroe jump Calib)
4. Brandon Locke (champ) vs Triplisious (for triple crown title) Julian Starr & Brett Adams jump Trip & Johnny Hayes makes save
5. Brett Adams Promo/Mister & Mini Roe throw Calib in back of truck & TJ Ritcher leaves with them
NECW TV 12/20/10 (Eps# 51) year in rev part 1 (1 hr edition)

1. High. of Max Bauer (champ) vs Brandon Locke (for triple crown title) from Genesis 2/27/10
2. Alexxis Nevaeh (champ) vs Mistress Belmont (WWW title vs hair)
3. Crown Jewels (champs) vs Rican Havoc (for tag titles) no DQ, no countout
4. Kris Pyro (champ) vs Brendan Michael Thomas (for Tv title)
5. Pat’s Pit: Kris Pyro with Davey Cash (they reunite)
6. Da Hoodz vs Red Devil Fight Team (2nd ann. tag team classic-finals) 9/11/10
7. Tester “King of the world” Video

NECW TV 12/27/10 (Eps# 52) Year in Rev part 2 (1 hour edition) fimal NECW TV eps.

1. Brandon Locke (champ) vs Ryan Bisbal (for triple crown title) 3/20/10
2. Pat’s Pit: Da Hoodz, Paul Richards & Brett Adams (Pyro Forfiets the TV title) 10/2/10
3. Battle Royal (last 2 left wrestle for TV title)
4. Ryan Bisbal vs Scott Levesque (for TV title) after match Gino Giavanti runs in
5. Paul Richards Promo
6. High. oh Iron 8 finals 5/1/10
7. Johnny Hayes, Scott Levesque & Sammi Lane Int. (5/15/10)
8. Handsome Johnny Hayes vs Scott Levesque (Scott & Sammi turn on Johnny) 5/15/10
9. Bryan Nadeau (producer/director) Promo
10. High. of Brandon Locke (champ) vs Handsome Johnny Hayes (for triple crown title) 6/12/10 Gino Giavanti comes out & him & Scott Levesque jump Johnny
11. Handsome Johnny Hayes vs Ryan Bisbal (Toxic Waltz finals 11/6/10) Hayes runs the gauntlet wrestling for 72 minutes!!
this is the last show that will be airing & this is every esp. that aired on TV. ALl of 2010/the complete tv run.

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