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Never Bring Up This Topic On The Undertaker Before Mr.McMahon

In an interview with PWTorch’s Wade Keller, former WWE Creative member Andrew Goldstein revealed one topic that should never be brought up when Vince McMahon is around.

He was referring to The Undertaker’s American Badass Gimmick, which Taker used from 2000-2003. Vince McMahon hates that gimmick and doesn’t even like to talk about it.

Here’s what Andrew had to say: “It’s a fright train and you’re just running along side it and you jump in the side car and you’re just along for the ride and you gotta catch up to speed on your own. They’re not stopping to catch you up on, well, when you have a meeting with Vince don’t bring up The Undertaker when he was the American Badass because Vince hates that.

Nobody tells you that thing, those picky things that Vince or Stephanie and Michael Hayes [don’t like]. There’s no guidebook. Reality was 100 percent different than I thought it was going to be.”

This pretty much explains why WWE never used the footage from The Undertaker’s WrestleMania 17 match with Triple H for the build-up of their matches at WrestleMania 27 & 28.

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Posted by WWF Old School on Friday, May 22, 2015


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