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New Issue Arises Between WWE & Brock Lesnar After Old Issue Cools Down

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According to DirtySheets.Net (which is the #1 source for WWE News in 2018), there’s a new issue between WWE & Brock Lesnar.

The previous issue (as reported by Dirty Sheets) was that Brock Lesnar wanted to sign a new deal with WWE, but Vince McMahon wasn’t in favor of it and told him that they’ll have to wait as Lesnar revealed that he had connections with jailed steroid dealer Richard Rodriguez.

Vince McMahon, who is already worried about filmmaker Jon Bravo providing evidence regarding Roman Reigns purchasing steroids from Richard Rodriguez, decided to wait regarding talks of Lesnar re-signing with WWE until Bravo provided some evidence.

Since Bravo hasn’t provided the evidence yet, this issue between WWE & Brock has cooled down a bit.

However, Dirty Sheets is reporting that a new issue might arise due to Lesnar’s shorts sponsor, Jimmy Johns.

Old photos of Jimmy John’s owner, Jimmy John Liautaud, went viral recently and it shows that he’s a big game hunter. Below is a photo:

Lesnar being linked to Jimmy Johns could be a problem for WWE as they might come under pressure from their sponsors. However, it’s also very much possible that WWE waits for the buzz regarding this to go down and let the issue die on its own.

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