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New SmackDown Live Stars Moving Back To RAW?

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• Former ECW World Champion Comments On Being Scared Of Hardcore Wrestling, Talks About Learning Fake Hardcore Wrestling

During a recent appearance on Heated Conversations podcast, former ECW World Heavyweight Champion Justin Credible talked about asking Vince McMahon for his release, Vince allowing him to go to ECW but not WCW, the hardcore wrestling style in ECW scaring him, learning fake hardcore to make it safer & more.

Below are the highlights:

On asking Vince McMahon for his release & Vince allowing him to go to ECW, but not WCW:

“A lot of people know I was Aldo Montoya for the old WWF. I got my break there. I was a young guy. I didn’t know anything about anything. I was green as grass, but I got to work a lot on the road and learn from a lot of the veterans. And then, finally, contract time was up and I went to Vince [McMahon]. I was bold and I was so naive and stupid that I actually called a meeting with Vince and said, ‘I want my release’ because that was about the time that Scott [Hall] and Kevin [Nash] had gone over to WCW. And I was friends with Scott.

I was his young boy. I travelled up and down the road with Scott. And Vince said, ‘it’s not the character we’re worried about you bringing over, it’s the perception of another one of our guys jumping ship. I don’t want to let you go to WCW, but I’ll let you go work with Paul Heyman in ECW.’ I wanted to go forward. They weren’t allowing me. And it wasn’t about the money, although I was really making only peanuts. Let’s put it this way: I wasn’t making six figures to wrestle 300 days a year. And when you’re on the road, spending that kind of money, you’re really losing money.”

On the hardcore wrestling style in ECW scaring him:

“At the time, I was scared to death of ECW. I thought it was a shoot. I saw guys hitting people with everything and barbed wire, but I wasn’t about that. I was just a wrestler.”

On learning fake hardcore to make it safer:

“We came to a good understanding and a good formula with the chances we took. By the time Sabu and Cactus Jack and Terry Funk and [those] guys did it for real, we started to learn how to do it for fake. Like, fake hardcore. Like, me and Tommy Dreamer, when me and Tommy Dreamer would be main eventing a pay-per-view, we’d be talking about the match, clipping the barbs off of the barbed wire. We learned how to… look, this is my deal. Some guys may say, ‘hey, hit me hard’. I’m like, ‘please don’t kill me today.'”

On feeling lucky that he didn’t hurt anyone given his addiction problems:

“It’s embarrassing now because you’re out there to protect your opponent and I’m blessed and I’m lucky too. Luck has a huge part of this because you can ask anybody in the [pro wrestling] business up and down and I have never hurt anybody ever. But I’m lucky I never hurt anybody because that’s irresponsible and I’m not proud of it. I don’t say that with a badge of honor and ‘I’m cool’. It’s real irresponsible.”

• New SmackDown Live Stars Moving Back To RAW?

According to Slice Wrestling, WWE officials feel they sent too many stars to SmackDown Live and might bring a few stars back to RAW.

SW noted that a SmackDown Live tag team might be on their way to RAW by “winning something”.

This has begun speculation that new SmackDown Live Tag Team The Bar (Sheamus & Cesaro) would win the RAW Tag Team Titles again at the Greatest Royal Rumble and then move back to RAW.

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