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Newest WWE Signing Was Overwhelmed At WrestleMania 40

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Below are some top news stories of the day, involving Giulia and Tony Khan.

• Newest WWE NXT signing Giulia was present at WrestleMania 40 and was blown away by the atmosphere.

Here’s what she said in an interview with Encount:

“I was overwhelmed (at WrestleMania). It was on a completely different scale, it was epic, I was moved, I was overwhelmed, and it was the same backstage, and the 80,000 people in the audience roared and roared. That was it.

I’m really glad I went there. Of course, it’s great to fight in a big match in Japan with 3,000 people, and then the number of people increases by hundreds at the next tournament, but when I saw that, it was… I couldn’t be satisfied with that… I really realized that there is no limit to what I can aim for, and I want to continue with that feeling.”

Giulia has only made one WWE TV appearance so far, when she was shown at NXT Stand & Deliver.

Giulia NXT Stand & Deliver 2024

Word going on is that she will make her official WWE debut at NXT Heatwave on July 7th.

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• During an interview on Cincy 360, AEW President Tony Khan was asked about All Elite Wrestling’s biggest strengths and why he believes they stand out from WWE.

While putting over his own promotion, Tony took a shot at WWE’s promos. Here’s what Khan said:

“AEW, we have, what I believe is the most exciting matches and we have great stories happening. We really are a challenging brand. We’re fighting against an establishment and we’ve built a huge fanbase in a pretty quick time. People love the fast-paced exiting action, and the interviews.

In AEW, people really feel a connection with the wrestlers. We don’t script the interviews here. People go out, maybe they have bullet points and key pieces of information they are trying to get out, but it feels like you’re hearing a real person talk, which isn’t always the way it feels in some of the competition interviews.

That’s one major difference. Our biggest strength is the quality of our athletes and the charisma of our biggest stars.

Some of the biggest names in wrestling are in AEW and there is a reason why big free agents want to come to AEW. This is where the best wrestle.”

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