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Nia Jax Reacts To People Fat Shaming Her

Nia Jax


On this day in 1997, Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling aired another LIVE episode of their weekly TV show ‘WCW MONDAY NITRO’.

It was broadcasted from the Civic Coliseum in Knoxville, Tennessee and featured matches & storyline segments on the road to the ‘WCW Starrcade 1997’ PPV.

The card can be found here:

– Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Juventud Guerrera

– Hugh Morrus vs. Wrath

– Prince Iaukea vs. Yuji Nagata

– Harlem Heat vs. The Faces of Fear

– Scott Hall vs. Disco Inferno

– Ultimo Dragon vs. Psicosis

– Chris Benoit vs. Billy Kidman

– Lex Luger vs. Buff Bagwell

– Diamond Dallas Page vs. Curt Hennig

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• Nia Jax Reacts To People Fat Shaming Her

Ever since Nia Jax injured Becky Lynch, she has massive heat with fans.

People have been making negative comments at her and even fat shamed her:

A fan offered an apology to Nia because of fans being mean to her, but Nia doesn’t mind it as she believes no one can shame her.

Below is what Nia tweeted:

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