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RAW Star Opens Up About Getting Uncomfortable With Her New WWE Role

Renee Young

• Old School WCW Veteran Celebrates His Birthday

Old School 90s WCW Wrestler “The Equalizer” Dave Sullivan (Real name: Bill Danenhauer) turns 61 today.

If you watched Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling during the mid-90s, you will certainly remember him as the dyslexic kayfabe brother of the evil ‘Dungeon of Doom’ leader “The Taskmaster” Kevin Sullivan.

Hulk Hogan himself took him under his wing (storyline wise) in late 1994 & early 1995.


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• RAW Star Opens Up About Getting Uncomfortable With Her New WWE Role

As we all know, Renee Young is now a part of the announce team on RAW.

During a recent edition of Regular Girls podcast, Renee opened up about things that would make her really uncomfortable with her new role.

Below is what she said:

“I would always get very stressed out. Doing serious stuff I’ve gotten better at it because I do have to navigate those waters quite often. It’s one thing to get serious about wrestling matches or whatever, I can clown in that area, that’s fine.

But when they would get me to come out and do stuff for Special Olympics or Susan G Komen or like really hammering numbers, getting information right, that makes me like want to be Amy Schumer-sick it stresses me out. So much, I can’t.

I just feel so much pressure like I can’t screw this up, and if you start to screw this up, how can you recover, not with a joke!”

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