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Night Of Champions 2023 Press Conference (Live Coverage) – Part 1

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Below are the highlights from today’s WWE Night Of Champions press conference in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia:

– Triple H kicked off the press conference and talked about how successful WWE’s premium live events in Saudi Arabia are.

– Cody Rhodes came out next and fans sang his theme song. They also started a “we love you” chant. Soon, they stared a “Lesnar sucks” chant. Cody said tomorrow he’s going to “fight” Brock.

Michale Cole asked Triple H how he can justify Cody having a match tomorrow with a broken arm. HHH said both men want to fight, fans want to see this fight and it’s going to happen.

– Trish Stratus came out next and fans chanted “Thank you, Trish”. Becky Lynch came out and said:

“They call you the Queen of the Attitude Era? I’m gonna slap the attitude out of you tomorrow night.”

– AJ Styles came out next and took a shot at Seth Rollins’ filming movies, while he’s focused on what’s going on in WWE.

Styles said the future of WWE after tomorrow will be phenomenal, because he’s going to become the World Heavyweight Champion.

– Imperium members Ludwig Kaiser & Giovanni Vinci introduce Intercontinental Champion Gunther next.

Gunther said Mustafa Ali will suffer the biggest loss of his career tomorrow night and he will remain the undefeated Intercontinental Champion.

The fans chanted “you deserver it”, which led to Gunther saying:

“What I deserve or not deserve is none of your business.”

Ali came out next and said tomorrow night, the people that look like him and their names are like him are going to support him and he’s going to give them hope.

– Bianca Belair said she’s going to walk out of Night Of Champions still the RAW Women’s Champion, after she overcomes Asuka again.

– Paul Heyman came out next and talked about how today is the 999th day of the greatest World Title reign of all time. Solo Sikoa and Roman Reigns came out next and everyone has their finger up in the air. Roman tells Saudi Arabia to acknowledge him and Kevin Owens interrupts.

Roman said Kevin came out early, as he was going to talk for the next 10 minutes. Owens said it’s time to bring out the man who the Saudi fans have waited for 5 years. Sami Zayn comes out and finally makes his Saudi Arabia debut.

Fans are chanting for Sami. Roman is disgusted by it and he leaves the press conference.

Michael Cole asked Sami how important it is for him to win tomorrow night.

Sami said Roman beat him in front of his people in Montreal, there’s no way he’s going to let him do it again in front of his people here in Saudi Arabia.

The press conference ended after this. You can watch the complete event below:

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