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Nikki Bella Says WWE Didn’t Take Her Neck Injury Seriously Because She’s A Woman

Nikki Bella WWE Divas Champion

• Old School Wrestling Legend Would Have Celebrated His Birthday

Today would have been the 55th birthday of Old School WWF Legend “The King of Harts” Owen Hart.

Owen Hart started in his family’s promotion ‘Calgary Stampede Wrestling’ during the 80s, before joining the World Wrestling Federation for the first time in 1988 as The Blue Blazer.

Owen returned to the WWF under his own name in 1991 and stayed with the promotion till his tragic death during the ‘WWF Over The Edge 1999’ PPV.

He once became the 1994 King of the Ring and won several other titles, such as the WWF Intercontinental Championship and the WWF Tag Team Championship, but has yet to be (posthumously) inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, a move that is currently prevented by his widow, Martha Hart.


May 7, 1965 – May 23, 1999

• Nikki Bella Says WWE Didn’t Take Her Neck Injury Seriously Because She’s A Woman

Nikki Bella discussed her life in her new book, Incomparable, which she wrote alongside her sister, Brie.

In this book, she discussed the time she suffered a neck injury in WWE, because of which she cannot compete in the ring anymore.

She said that WWE didn’t take her injury seriously because she’s a woman:

“I asked for an MRI, but they told me that it wouldn’t show anything. They had no answer when I explained that my legs were going numb and giving out on me in matches, that I could only lie down in bed for a few hours at a time.

Finally I had an MRI. I was in Austin, Texas, and I was backstage. A doctor came up to me to say: ‘Just so you know, we’re not going to find anything.’ I would have given anything for that to be true.”

She eventually got an MRI done after which she texted WWE:

“Is it because I’m a woman that I don’t get the same treatment as the male Superstars?”

While getting an epidural done when she went back home in Tampa, she was told that she was on the “cusp of being paralyzed”.

She added, “I was really frustrated because I felt like if I were a male Superstar, I’d be getting radically different treatment instead of being instructed to just sit at home and pray.”

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