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NJPW Officials Not Happy With Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega All Elite Wrestling

• Old School WCW Veteran Celebrates His Birthday

Old School Wrestling Veteran Silver King (Real name: César Cuauhtémoc González Barrón) celebrates his 51st birthday today.

If you were watching Ted Turner’s WCW TV during the famous Monday Night Wars, you will most likely remember him as one of the Luchadores that were part of the Cruiserweight Division.

He lasted from 1997 till 2000, before he returned to his home country Mexico.


• NJPW Officials Not Happy With Kenny Omega

As we all know by now, former IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega noted during an interview with Tokyo Sports that he’s done with New Japan Pro Wrestling.

He gave the following reason for leaving NJPW:

“The game was like a battle to decide the main character as I thought now.The win is righteous. It is a bit overpowering, but what I’ve been trying hard is the main character It was only to become an enemy … it was frustrating, of course it was bad that I was defeated, all my own responsibility, looking back at the Tanahashi battle.

There is no place to put in now and it is better not to be in New Japan. The New Japan also became the era of Tanahashi. It can not be a useful role of Tanahashi’s New Japan. Of course the Tanahashi are superior, I do not think it is strong either So, someday I would like to do if there ‘s a rematch, but for now it is better not to stay in the ring for a while, it’ s not just New Japan, thinking a little rest and making a different strategy told.

If I go to WWE, the fans there will be pleased, and the fans there will be pleased if I go to AEW. I want to be a place where Kenny is going to be happy. I am not there, I will be gone, but as the contract with New Japan still remains until the end of this month I avoided saying I do not know what will happen myself.”

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, NJPW officials were upset at Omega because they found out about Omega’s intentions through this interview and not directly from Omega himself.

As we noted yesterday, multiple sources have noted that Omega is going to sign with All Elite Wrestling after his contract with NJPW expires at the end of this month.

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