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“Not being on the actual show was a real bummer” – Top WWE Star On Elimination Chamber 2023

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WWE Elimination Chamber 2023 took place in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on February 18th.

This event took place in Sami Zayn’s hometown. He wrestled in the main event and lost to Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

Sami’s good friend Kevin Owens is also from Canada, but he didn’t have a match at this premium live event. He did come out after the main event to save Sami from The Bloodline.

During an interview with Spencer Love of Love Wrestling, Owens had the following to say about not having a match on this show:

“Well, I gotta be honest, not being on the actual show was a real bummer. There’s no way around that. I really wish I could have been there. But, to be a little part of it at the end was great, and to see Sami get his really big moment that he deserved, and to see everybody reacting to him the way they did after all these years.

Not that he was ever – obviously, anytime he’d show up in Montreal, you get a great reaction. But, to be in that spot, in that moment? For him, that was really big, so it’s great to see that. But, not being on the show, it definitely hurt a little.

Honestly, it’s not even just because it’s Montreal, I feel the same way everywhere. Anytime we go to Canada, and I’m not on one of the shows. I’m like, ‘why am I not on this show?’ It’s everywhere.

Canada’s funny this way, where, we tried to explain this to people in WWE, and other wrestlers, and even people in management, but I don’t think they quite grasp that Canada is just one big city in a way for their homeland guys.

Whether we go to Winnipeg, or Toronto, or Quebec, or Vancouver – anywhere across Canada, really, we’re welcome as being a hometown guy. That’s really special. Anytime there’s a show in Canada, and I’m not on it, that hurts a little.”

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