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Ember has locked in the Crossface Chicken wing on Asuka, but Asuka counters and attacks Ember’s arm. Asuka now locks in the Asuka Lock, but Ember manages to escape.

Ember hits a running lariat on Asuka after this. Ember is dominating as she hits a tornado suplex, but she still can’t put Asuka away.

Ember hits the Eclipse on Asuka, but Asuka manages to kick out and keeps her 504 day Title reign and undefeated streak intact! Asuka now tries to pin Ember, but the referee catches Asuka holding her tights. Asuka is arguing with the referee and Ember hits a superkick and goes for the pin, but Asuka kicks out again!

Asuka has now locked in the Asuka Lock and Ember Moon is forced to tap out!

Winner: Asuka (Still NXT Women’s Champion)

Asuka remains undefeated in NXT and her 500+ day Title reign continues!

Moon is left in tears in the ring and the crowd gives her a standing ovation.

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