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NXT Wrestler Receives A Strong Slap On The Wrist For Recent Comments? Triple H Responds To Fans Wanting WrestleMania In London, Kane Releases T-Shirts For His Mayoral Campaign


NXT Wrestler Receives A Strong Slap On The Wrist For Recent Comments? NXT Heel To Join 205 Live Soon

During a recent edition of “The Taz Show” podcast, Taz and PWInsider’s Mike Johnson 205 Live getting a new member soon, NXT wrestler Lio Rush getting heat for his recent comments after Emma’s release & more.

Below is their conversation:

Mike: Hideo Itami is 205 Live bound. It’s not like he’s gonna start tonight, but it’s in the works and sometime in the next couple of weeks, next month or so. That’s the plan for Hideo Itami to come to 205 Live which would also mean he would be popping up on Monday Night Raw and WWE Main Event as well.

It was pretty obvious. They weren’t investing a lot of time in him on NXT TV. He was kind of like in a position where Charlotte and Finn Bálor were a couple years ago where they’re in NXT, they’re working regularly, but they were not a big part of the TV show. And you could see they were kind of running in place waiting for that call up.

I’m excited he finally got there. He’s had a hard road in WWE. He did not transition well. He got injured a lot. And he’s got to make the most of his time. He’s not getting any younger. So I’m happy that they’ve got him on that upward path finally.

Taz: Speaking of 205 Live, another guy that would be excellent there is Lio Rush, but I don’t think he’s going there anytime soon. I do know for a fact he was spoken to on Sunday night by at least one person of management. I know that for a fact. I can’t name names. I don’t have sources. That’s not my thing.

But I do know for a fact someone did speak to him. It’s not just a slap on a wrist, it’s a strong slap on the wrist. He’s gonna have to pay penance a little bit. He’s got a little heat on him. Nothing horrible. I don’t think they’re gonna release the kid for this.

Mike: Also, late yesterday we broke another exit from Impact Wrestling. Rockstar Spud is gone from the company. It was inferred to me that he asked for a release and he got it about two weeks ago. It makes you wonder if he’s got something else in the pipeline, but I can’t confirm anything at this point.

If you notice there’s been a steady stream of people asking and receiving releases from Impact. I just think they’re looking at it as – Okay you’re not here, more money we can save.

I really think because from what I’m hearing, when they go to Canada next week, the cost cutting compared to their production budget in Florida is much smaller.

Like they’re bringing in less production people, they’re bringing in less staff, they’re bringing in less wrestlers, a lot of the referees and the ring announcers not coming from the United States, they’re gonna be using a lot of locals.

So it really is. They’re streamlining as much as they can. They’re being as thrifty as they can.

Triple H Responds To Fans Wanting WrestleMania In London

During a recent WWE Live Event in London, the fans chanted “WrestleMania” at Triple H as they want WWE to bring WrestleMania to London. Below is what Triple H said to the crowd:

“There’s only one guy that can make that decision for ya, but unfortunately he’s not here. If you’re loud enough, maybe he can hear you on the other side of the Pond. Try again!”

You can watch it below:

Kane Releases T-Shirts For His Mayoral Campaign

Below are the two T-Shirt designs that former WWF Champion Kane will be releasing for his Mayoral campaign:

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