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On This Day In Pro Wrestling History – December 28, 1997

Hollywood Hogan vs. Sting - Starrcade 1997

On this day in Pro Wrestling history on December 28, 1997, WCW Starrcade 1997 took place. This was the most bought WCW PPV in history, with a buyrate of 1.9.

The event featured a highly anticipated bout in the main event, where Sting challenged Hollywood Hogan for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.

Below are the results from the PPV:

– WCW Cruiserweight Title Match: Eddy Guerrero def. Dean Malenko to retain the Title.

– Scott Norton, Vincent and Randy Savage (with Miss Elizabeth) def. The Steiner Brothers and Ray Traylor (with Ted DiBiase)

– Goldberg def. Steve McMichael

– Raven’s Rules Match: Saturn (with Raven) def. Chris Benoit

– Buff Bagwell def. Lex Luger

– WCW United States Title Match: Diamond Dallas Page def. Curt Hennig to win the Title.

– Larry Zbyszko def. Eric Bischoff via DQ. Bret Hart was the special guest referee in this match. The stipulation was: “If Bischoff won, he would get complete control of WCW Monday Nitro, if Zbyszko won, he would face Scott Hall at Souled Out.”

– WCW World Heavyweight Title Match: Sting def. Hollywood Hogan to win the Title.

You can watch the main event in full length below:

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