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“Once you’re his brother, you’re his brother for life” – Current Champion In AEW On Bray Wyatt’s Death

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During an interview with New York Post, current AEW Superstar & ROH TV Champion Samoa Joe had the following to say about Bray Wyatt’s death:

“Ton and tons of Bray stories. I really think the thing that you will find universally with Windham was he was the type of person, when he walked in a room, it instantly brightened up.

Once you’re his brother, you’re his brother for life and he’ll show up for whatever you need him to show up for. If you called and said, ‘I need you down here,’ lo and behold, a couple hours later you’ll see him pulling up in the driveway.

And just the family itself, between Mike and Bo and his sister Mika, they were all very involved in the business at certain points and time. Everybody has a tremendous amount of respect and love for them.

I think if anything, the hurt was felt a little bit extra deep because of how many people were connected to both Windham and his family.

To see him gone now, it just doesn’t seem real. I miss him every day.”

Samoa Joe and Bray Wyatt never had a singles match against each other, but they were involved in multi-man matches in 2017. They also teamed up several times that year, both on TV and at untelevised Live Events.

On the May 22nd 2017 episode of RAW, Joe & Wyatt defeated Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins in a tag team match.

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