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One Major Issue Regarding The Hardy Boyz’ Return To WWE

Hardy Boyz

As we noted before, WWE offered contracts to The Hardy Boyz and word going on is that their to WWE is a matter of when, not if.

The Hardy Boyz are currently signed to Ring of Honor Wrestling, but that’s not a problem as Jeff Hardy confirmed during a recent interview that their deal with ROH is a short term deal:

“We do, it’s a short term deal and it’s cool because we can still work the indies like we’ve been doing. We’ve really had a good time on the independent circuit. We sell a lot of merchandise and take a lot of pictures with fans. It’s great to be your own boss and being able to do TV with Ring of Honor as well.”

No word is available as of now on if WWE wants to use their “Broken” gimmick on WWE TV (Impact Wrestling sued Hardy Boyz for using that gimmick after leaving the company as they think they own the gimmick and should be paid a percentage of revenue made from its use).

However, there’s one major issue regarding The Hardy Boyz’ return to the WWE – they don’t want to work a full time schedule, but the contract that WWE offered them was a full time deal. It should be noted that Reby Sky and Senor Benjamin (who worked with the Hardy Boyz on Impact Wrestling programming) aren’t a part of their return deal.

A full time deal includes working weekly TV shows (Raw/SmackDown Live), working a monthly PPV and working multiple live events in a week.

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