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“One of the worst moments in AEW” – Sammy Guevara Reveals Original Plan For Infamous Matt Hardy Match

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At the AEW All Out 2020 PPV, Matt Hardy defeated Sammy Guevara by knockout in a Broken Rules match. The stipulation of the match was “If Matt Hardy loses, he’d have to leave All Elite Wrestling”.

During this match, Matt took a nasty fall and his head bounced off the concrete floor, resulting in a concussion. AEW received a lot of criticism because they didn’t stop the match and allowed Matt to continue, even though he looked in rough shape.

During an interview with Chris Van Vliet, Guevara revealed the original plan for this infamous match:

“That was scary for everybody. The tables were I think too close. That’s what it was. Yeah, they were a little bit further or we went too high on the scissor lift.

Man, it was just such an unfortunate thing because we had so much cool stuff for that match, like, so much. I was actually getting thrown off Daily’s Place to end the thing. We were going to climb to the roof at Daily’s Place.

But man that match. You know, unfortunately, it’s remembered as one of the worst moments in AEW, but I think it was a lot of learning from all aspects of what to do in a situation like that.

I’m just happy Matt was okay. I remember when I was in the back crying, I was so upset. He’s a hero of mine and stuff keeps happening because the chair thing just happened a couple of weeks before that. And I followed him to the hospital and I stayed with him until like 5 in the morning to make sure he was good.

But I will say respect to Matt because he could have said, ‘You know what? It is just not working out with this kid. Don’t want to work with him anymore’. But he’s still working with me.

We did the Elite Deletion match at his compound. And, you know, that’s respect to him to finish the story the right way. Instead of just cleaning his hands with it. He was like, ‘Oh, we got to finish it the right way’.”

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