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Original Plan For Last Night’s RAW

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• Old School NWA Veteran Celebrates His Birthday

Old School NWA Veteran Mark Youngblood (Real name: Mark Romero) celebrates his 57th birthday today.

Mark Youngblood wrestled professionally from 1980 until his retirement in 1999 and competed for a lot of different territories & promotions, such as Jim Crockett Promotions, Championship Wrestling from Florida, the Global Wrestling Federation, World Wrestling Council, the United States Wrestling Association, Central States Wrestling, … and many others.

In 1990 & 1991, Mark even wrestled for Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling, where he teamed up with his brother, Chris Youngblood, as “The Renegade Warriors”.


• Original Plan For Last Night’s RAW

Dolph Ziggler confronted WWE Champion Drew McIntyre and demanded a rematch from him on RAW last night, after losing to him at The Horror Show At Extreme Rules.

McIntyre accepted the challenge and will face off against Ziggler next week in a stipulation of his choosing.

The Wrestling Observer noted that the original plan for last night’s show was for WWE to begin the rumored Drew McIntyre vs. Randy Orton feud, but WWE dropped the plan for it.

“The big item on the show was originally to be an angle involving Orton and Drew McIntyre to set up their planned WWE Championship match as the main event for SummerSlam. As of this morning, that was still on the show, but numerous other items have been changed.”

Orton was also busy with The Big Show last night, which could be another reason why WWE didn’t begin the feud. They’re also using these rematches to boost RAW’s ratings.

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