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4. Former WWE Tag Team Champion Rips Randy Orton For His Comments On Indy Wrestling

Former WWE Tag Team Champion Rene Dupree is the latest wrestler to respond to former WWE Champion Randy Orton’s recent comments on indy wrestling. Below is what Dupree posted on Social Media:

“Randy EVERYTHING was handed to You, from your nicknames To your Finishing Move People Can say the same about me but…. When you were hired You were a Fat slob, I just won The Canadian Bodybuilding Nationals and Qualified for the Worlds You had ZERO matches I had 500+ You Wouldn’t Last 1 Japanese Tour I’m on 49 tours and You counting If HHH wasn’t Such a mark For Your Daddy, You would’ve been FIRED YEARS Ago And You’re NOWHERE near the worker your Father was You’re Bashing indie Guys, Do what I did Grow a set of Balls Go Out And Prove You’re Special Cause I’m Sorry Bud , but The chin lock you use Is BORING as A Sh*t! BURNING BRIDGES??? I don’t give a **** #TRUTH

What Randall doesn’t realize (BECAUSE HE NEVER WORKED OUTSIDE OF THE STAMFORD Company) is that most independent wrestlers rely on selling their own merchandise to make $$$. He wouldn’t know, would he??? So putting on exciting high risk matches is what they need to do. I have a valid opinion on this because i’ve done both. Am i right or wrong???”

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