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Paige Explains Why She Got Botox, Fires Back At Fans Who Insulted Her Facial Look

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• Paige Explains Why She Got Botox, Fires Back At Fans Who Insulted Her Facial Look

Some fans aren’t happy with how Paige looks nowadays and they blame her “surgeries” for it.

You can read the exchange between fans and the former WWE Divas Champion below:

Fan 1: It’s obvious you have. Why hide that fact?

Paige: Alrighty. So apart from my lip filler from 4 years ago and Botox that smooths out my wrinkles which makes zero difference to someone face. Just makes it look ✨smoother✨. Please NitiN. Tell me what I’ve had?

Fan 2: Breast augmentation.

Paige: According to basic human anatomy breasts aren’t on your face bob.

Fan 3: You don’t look anything like you used to and it’s been that way for almost 10 years now. Insane botched plastic surgery is pretty accepted nowadays.

Paige: Yeah it’s crazy how much people can change over the course of 10+ years because ya know, the surgeries, 19 years old to 30 we should all look the same am i right??.. Thanks Eric for bringing your opinion to my attention. Anyways: (posted profile pic of this fan)

Fan 3: Also sorry I’m not plastic surgeryd up like the “ideal” looking male in those sh*tty magazines.

Paige: Haha. My ideal looking male is my bf. But I’m just pointing out the fact you’re talking sh*t on my appearance so I’m gonna go ahead and return the favor NecroEric. You’re not allowed to be offended it’s just an opinion right??

Paige then went on to explain why she got Botox:

“No [wrinkles and skin aging] very much is noticeable. Being in my profession we age prematurely. Travel. Exaggerated facial expressions. Diets. Stress. Also I don’t wanna brag but I have the neck of a 70 year old. People age differently and that’s okay.”

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