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Paul Heyman Blogs On Brock Lesnar Possibly Defeating Goldberg For The WWE Universal Championship At WrestleMania 33

Paul Heyman

We recently noted that Paul Heyman signed a deal with Yahoo to cover WrestleMania 33 on their site with articles and exclusive Brock Lesnar footage.

Heyman wrote his first blog regarding WrestleMania 33 and Lesnar on Yahoo and you can read it below:

Brock Lesnar is going to take the Universal Title away from Goldberg. No one is saying it’s going to be easy. Goldberg is a warrior. If, indeed, #DownGoesGoldberg, then it won’t be without one hell of a fight. The only way Goldberg’s going out is on his sword, having fought with every last breath he has in defense of the championship he won during a comeback that was never supposed to happen. Bad things happen to good people who are legit bad asses when they step into the ring with Brock Lesnar.

Because he’s a beast.

Because he’s a conqueror.

Because you may respect what Goldberg has accomplished, in a manner no other man could have ever accomplished it. Even I admire Goldberg for the sheer destruction he’s left in his path.

But none of that matters to Brock Lesnar.

He respects no one.

He doesn’t seek your approval.

He doesn’t need your affirmation.

All he needs is your attention.

And he will command that this Sunday, April 2, when he conquers the legend of Goldberg and brings the Universal Title home to Suplex City!

Below is the exclusive video of Lesnar that he posted:

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