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Paul Heyman Disputes Bruce Prichard’s Claim Of Him Not Liking John Cena’s Rap Gimmick & Thinking It Would Kill Cena’s WWE Career

John Cena

During a recent edition of Something To Wrestle podcast, WWF Veteran Bruce Prichard (f.k.a Brother Love in WWF) claimed that Paul Heyman wanted John Cena to drop his Rap gimmick because he thought it would kill his career. Below is what Prichard said:

“To quote Paul Heyman, ‘you put the rap gimmick on Cena and you will kill John Cena’s career’. Paul felt that the rap gimmick was going to be the death knell of John Cena and that it would stereotype him and pigeonhole him and he would never be able to work his way out of it. Hated the idea, went to Cena and told Cena, ‘they’re killing your career’, ‘don’t do it’, ‘it’s going to be bad’.

And Heyman went to Vince and told Vince it’s going to kill Cena and the fact that Paul petitioned so hard against it probably helped Vince decide, ‘yeah, let’s try it.’ And I think it worked out alright for him.”

Paul Heyman didn’t agree with what Prichard said and had the following to say:

“I drafted John Cena from OVW. I pushed for Cena from day one. Stephanie McMahon heard him rap on a bus in the UK, and pushed for it.

My push for John Cena was NEVER ‘don’t do the rap gimmick’ but ‘don’t do ONLY the rap gimmick,’ which was the correct formula. And you can’t discuss the Cena rap gimmick era and his expansion from it without talking about David Lagana, who deserves massive props!”

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