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6. Cesaro & Sheamus Show Their True Colors

After losing to The Hardy Boyz at Payback 2017, Cesaro & Sheamus turned heel and attacked The Hardy Boyz. On Raw Talk after the PPV, Cesaro & Sheamus made it clear that they want to regain the Raw Tag Team Titles.

Below is what WWE posted:

“After the match, Sheamus & Cesaro again showed respect to the Raw Tag Team Champions by shaking their hands in the center of the ring. However, that display of honor was completely erased moments later, when the defeated Superstars suddenly attacked The Hardys and laid waste to the victorious titleholders.

In the wake of Cesaro & Sheamus’ ruthless attack, how will The Hardy Boyz respond? Don’t miss a moment of Raw, airing Monday night at 8/7 C on USA Network.”

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