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People In WWE Think The Rock Returned To Turn Around His “Losing Streak”

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The Rock’s return to WWE earlier this year has undoubtedly brought significant attention and success to the company, with records being shattered, including at WrestleMania 40 where he wrestled his first proper match in over a decade. However, amidst this success, there are rumblings within the company about the motives behind his comeback.

As one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, The Rock’s influence extends far beyond the wrestling ring, with his blockbuster films raking in substantial revenue. Yet, recent setbacks in his career, including the lukewarm reception of “Black Adam,” the cancellation of “Young Rock,” and his unsuccessful bid to take over DC Studios, have led some to question his intentions in returning to WWE.

While The Rock’s presence undoubtedly boosts WWE’s business and provides fans with memorable moments, there is speculation that his return may be driven more by a desire to reclaim lost glory and bolster his reputation, rather than a genuine passion for wrestling.

Here’s what the Wrestling Observer reported about it:

“I mean, there were definitely people in WWE who felt that his return to WWE this year was an attempt to turn around, kind of like a losing streak, so to speak, you know, Young Rock got canceled. Some of his movies weren’t as successful as hoped for. WWE was an easy win.

But at the same time, put this way, they made him a $30 million, your offer to join the board of directors, they came to that, you know, that’s coming to him. That’s not him coming. And he’s been talking about doing wrestling for literally…. the match with Roman Reigns since 2019. So, it’s not like this was something that just came out of the blue because, you know, the idea of it, he wasn’t doing well, or anything like that.

I mean, granted, he didn’t do it, but you know, 2020 he was never going to do it ain’t gonna come back during the pandemic. He wasn’t gonna come back in 2021 in front of 20,000 people at WrestleMania. And then, you know, he decided LA, not Dallas, and then LA came in he was busy. And, you know, everyone knows the story.

When he basically made the move to not do Los Angeles. He said, ‘Maybe I’ll do Philadelphia next year,’ but nobody believed it. But he did because they figured he just turned down Los Angeles never gonna do it. Well, he did it. And I would suspect he’s going to do it next year, too. I mean, he’s already built it up.”

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