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“People like to talk sh*t” – Tay Melo On Sammy Guevara Ending 8-Year Relationship To Be With Her

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• “People like to talk sh*t” – Tay Melo On Sammy Guevara Ending 8-Year Relationship To Be With Her

Before an episode of AEW Dynamite in 2021, Sammy Guevara proposed to his ex-girlfriend. A few months later, Guevara revealed that he’s dating fellow AEW wrestler Tay Melo (fka Tay Conti).

This began rumors that Sammy cheated on his ex-girlfriend Pam to be with Tay.

However, that wasn’t the case.

During an interview with Denise Salcedo, Tay had the following to say about how the fans reacted to her relationship with Guevara:

“They were in a relationship for 8 years. It’s a life together. Every time Sammy talks about her, every time we had a conversation about her or whatever, Sammy always talks about her with a lot of respect and love. They had a life together.

I had a relationship too for almost 8 years. We both had long relationships, like we respect each other. Sammy and her always had a good relationship, and they still have. Nobody needs to know that. I don’t need to go on social media and put everything out there how people think that I need to do.

After the whole drama, she was the one that texted us to check on us, ‘Hey, I saw everything that’s happening. I hope you and Tay are ok.’

People just created a whole storyline, a whole drama for something that never happened. Then I saw a couple comments saying that I cheated on my ex who I was separated from for a long time. My relationship was not as public as Sammy. So I never felt the need to put it out there.

I do whatever I want with my personal life. I was like, it’s ok, and people are gonna forget about it. But it got really bad in here, like, my mental health was not doing okay.

Then after a couple days, a couple weeks, it was like, well, this is my job. This is the life that I chose. So I need to deal with the consequences and then try to do my best.

Everything at home, and everything in our personal life, was going great. The relationship with Pam, like, she was super nice. When we got engaged, she texted us too. Everybody’s in a better space now because they had stuff that they need to do.

So like, they talk sometimes, and it’s okay. It’s an 8-year relationship. Same thing with mine. People don’t understand that. They like to look for drama, and really, there was no drama at all, but people like to talk sh*t. So it is what it is.”

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