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“Pi$$ off with your phony apology bullsh*t” – Jim Cornette To Kenny Omega

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• “Pi$$ off with your phony apology bullsh*t” – Jim Cornette To Kenny Omega

A long argument on Twitter started when a fan described former AEW World Champion Kenny Omega as a “strange/weird-awkward bloke”.

This happened when Omega praised former AEW Women’s World Champion Riho’s recent in-ring performance, and a fan posted old photos of Omega with a very young Riho.

Omega then fired back at the fan who called him weird, and this conversation ultimately led to Omega calling out Jim Cornette for some reason.

Kenny then issued an apology, but Cornette rejected it.

Below is the conversation:

Omega: You’re tweeting a whole lot about questionable activity when your profile picture boasts you inappropriately touching a child you may or may not have abducted. Go away.

Fan: That’ll be my daughter 😂 laters

Omega: Sure brah. Likely story. The boys are gonna love you in the slammer.

Another Fan: Kenny, That’s not a good comeback. Will you disavow your friend Marty Scurll, the pedophile and rapist?

Omega: Will you bump up Corny’s oxygen so he can maybe get through a podcast without wheezing through every word? It’s harsh on the ears from what I hear.

Jim Cornette: Not sure why Twinkletoes is referencing me in a completely unrelated conversation I’m not involved in, but he needs hobbies/attention. Hey dipsh*t, I’m not as harsh on the ears as your ballet routines are on people’s eyes, & I’m wheezing from laughing at your attempts to wrestle.

Omega: Shouldn’t have brought up any breathing issue. I, as well as many friends/acquaintances in other sports, are suffering due to Covid after effects. Not sure if you’ll accept, but I do apologize.

Cornette: Pi$$ off with your phony apology bullsh*t, turdblossom. I’ve never had COVID, I don’t want to have ANY interaction with you and your phony wrestling, and I don’t have any breathing issues except when you’re on the air I refuse to breathe it.

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