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Plans For Daniel Bryan To Wrestle At SummerSlam 2018 Revealed, But It’s A Big IF Situation

Daniel Bryan - Bryan Danielson

Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez discussed the plans for Daniel Bryan wrestling at SummerSlam 2018 next year if he gets the clearance to compete.

Below is their discussion:

Alvarez: Talking about the Shane McMahon-Daniel Bryan deal and Joseph Maroon obviously has to clear him (Bryan). There’s talk of him wrestling at SummerSlam and working a limited schedule if he does get cleared. They have a general SummerSlam idea this far out if he gets cleared.

Meltzer: I guess so. Yeah. I mean it’s been talked about. I mean it’s not like it’s on the books or anything but yes, somebody brought up to me that if he’s cleared he might wrestle at SummerSlam and then they’ll do dates here and there. But it’s a big if. It’s not like it’s on the schedule or anything like that.

Alvarez: I just find it bizarre that I mean what about Mania? What about Royal Rumble?

Meltzer: I don’t think they’re looking at anything that soon. If it was Mania or especially Royal Rumble it would have to be on the books right now and I don’t think that they’re even thinking of anything for the books right now.

Anything’s possible. I mean if he gets cleared, yeah it could be Mania, but that’s just kind of like the idea.

And I don’t want to put odds on him being cleared. It’s Dr. Maroon, I mean he feels much better. Of course he’s not taking bumps, but he feels much better.

Alvarez: All I’m saying here is when I read something like that it just sounds well we’re gonna hold him off as long as we can and then right before he’s about to go like maybe we can get him in the ring and convince him to stay.

Isn’t it also if you want to do it there’s no reason to rush it. You can build a huge amazing, elaborate storyline behind it. You don’t necessarily need it for WrestleMania anyway.

And I’m sure when he comes back one of the conditions is going to be – at least they’re going to push very heavily that if you’re gonna wrestle here we’d like to sign an extension. I don’t think holding it off until SummerSlam to me it sounds like you can have one hell of a story leading into it.

Meltzer: Well it does give him more time to build something slowly and building it slowly is probably the best thing and like you said they don’t need it for WrestleMania at all and they don’t need to rush it at all either.

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