Portland Wrestling / Pacific Northwest Wrestling (1991)

In 1991, Pacific Northwest Wrestling’s main television sponsor (Tom Peterson’s) declared bankruptcy. Despite remaining the highest-rated,
locally produced show aired in the Portland television market, Portland Wrestling was canceled in December 1991 after 38 continuous years as
a weekly program. When the show was canceled, it was the longest running non-news show on television, and the third longest overall behind
Meet the Press and the CBS Evening News. It still is one of the top 20 longest running shows on television.

Episode #1 – December 14, 1991
Demolition Crush shows up
Steve Doll vs Dirty White Boy
Playboy Buddy Rose vs CW Bergstrom
Mean Mike Miller vs Brickhouse Brown
The Grappler vs Al Madril — Mask Match
The Bruise Brothers vs Mike Winner and John Rambo
Episode #2 – December 21, 1991
Rowdy Roddy Piper makes a special appearance to say farewell to PW
Al Madril vs Jesse Barr
Roddy Piper says goodbye to Portland Wrestling
Steve Doll and The Grappler vs Moondog Ed Moretti and Dirty While Boy
Mike Miller vs Brickhouse Brown
Buddy Rose vs Crush
Episode #3 – December 28, 1991
All Madril vs Mike Winner
Mean Mike Miller vs Brickhouse Brown
Jesse Barr vs CW Bergstrom
John Rambo vs Ron Harris
Steve Doll, The Grappler, and Crush vs The Bruise Brothers and Playboy Buddy Rose

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