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Possible Bad News For Lars Sullivan

John Cena vs. Lars Sullivan - WrestleMania 35

• OLD SCHOOL VIDEO HISTORY (January 16, 1987) – Calgary Stampede Wrestling

On this day in Pro Wrestling history on January 16, 1987, Bruce Hart’s version of Calgary Stampede Wrestling aired an episode of their weekly TV Show.

The show featured pre-taped matches, interviews & storyline segments featuring several Stampede Wrestling Superstars.

This episode included a Tag Team match with Ted Arcidi on one side and Bill Kazmaier on the other side.

Those were 2 of the absolute strongest people back then and are still considered 2 of the strongest people of all time, not just in professional wrestling but in general.

Here’s the card:

– Vietcong Express #1 & Cuban Assassin vs. Ken Johnson & Jeff Wheeler

– Kerry Brown vs. Ron Richie

– Ted Arcidi & Duke Myers vs. Bill Kazmaier & Mr.Hito

– Ben Bassarab vs. Gama Singh

– Makhan Singh vs. Owen Hart

• Possible Bad News For Lars Sullivan

As we have noted before, WWE officials have plans to do John Cena vs. Lars Sullivan at WrestleMania 35. However, things are looking bad for Sullivan after his recent anxiety attack incident.

According to Rajah, WWE was set to tape a segment between Cena & Sullivan this Monday night (which would have aired next week) to kick off their WrestleMania 35 storyline, but the taping was nixed by Vince McMahon.

As of now, it’s not clear if WWE will tape it again at a later point or if Vince doesn’t want to do Cena vs. Sullivan anymore.

Below is what Rajah reported:

“Later tonight (on Monday), WWE had planned to tape an angle where Lars Sullivan was going to beat up Cena to begin their WM storyline. Segment was supposed to air next week as Lars’ official debut. But Vince pulled the plug on that either this morning or last night.

Unclear whether this means they will try again later to do that or if the entire storyline is now scrapped.”

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