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Possible Date For Brock Lesnar’s Next Universal Title Defense

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• Pete Gas Comments On If Age Is Catching Up With Shane McMahon

During a recent interview with CBS Local Sports, WWF Veteran Pete Gas spoke on being yelled at by the office for riding around in a limo, if age is catching up with Shane McMahon and more.

Below are the highlights:

On being yelled at by the office for riding around in a limo:

“I got called in once. For one incident, I got called in probably like two or three weeks in a row. Got yelled at for doing something. It’s never fun, and I still claim innocence on it, but it doesn’t matter. We were in Memphis, Tennessee for training. So when we weren’t on television, we were there. We were told that we had to do all these shows in Memphis. So we had one loop where we had to go down to Louisiana through Mississippi. We had a huge loop on our off time. Then get back up to Memphis to travel.

It was a lot of driving and I had a car that I didn’t want to put all the miles on. I had met this guy in a bar who had a limo service. He goes, ‘Hey, I’ve got this stretched Navigator. How about you guys hop in and I’ll drive you guys around? I’ll do it for nothing.’ He was just a wrestling fan, you know? Now we’ve got eight guys piled in. Actually, it was a bunch of guys from MCW, Memphis Championship Wrestling. Some of the guys were also doing developmental for WWE stuff, where they were on television as well, but they weren’t doing much. We all piled into this big stretched limo with cans of beer and stuff. We’d pull up to these shows and open up the limo door and literally have a couple cans of beer falling out of it. Kevin Kelley would pull up and he’d be doing commentary for us in Memphis.

So, he’s pulling up in a Ford Taurus and we’re pulling up in a stretch and have all these cans. So word got back to the office that we weren’t paying our dues in driving on the road, we were driving in stretched limo. So, literally, I got called into the office. They literally yelled at me two to three weeks in a row, and talked to me. Said, ‘Do you understand why you’re doing that? You’re supposed to be paying your dues.’ I understood, but I also thought, it’s a free and it’s someone driving us. We don’t have to put the miles on the car. My theory was like, ‘I understand but the guy was doing it for free.’ The guy never took a dime or nothing, gas money, nothing. He was just happy to be driving us.”

On if age is catching up with Shane McMahon:

“No, I think that’s exactly why you saw what you saw out of him. Not to mention, he had an infection as well, which added to the fact of why he was in the hospital. He also has a hernia. Anyone who has ever had a hernia can understand what kind of pain the man was going through.

But for the people who knocked the guy, I don’t know how you can. He puts it all on the line for the company and really gives an effort like no other. He does some crazy stuff for a guy who’s not a full-time wrestler. The guy’s in a lot of pain, but he’s not gonna allow that to stand in the way of performing at WrestleMania.

He goes above and beyond. I know that he’s got some of those things fixed. I know that for a hernia alone, from what I understand, a normal person can’t do anything for six weeks, let alone wrestle. So I wouldn’t expect to see him in the ring doing anything for at least that amount of time. I haven’t spoken to him since right after Mania, so I don’t know what his intentions are. I know that he has a very high pain threshold, and he got through that match. He did a lot. Kudos to him for being able to do what he did.”

• Possible Date For Brock Lesnar’s Next Universal Title Defense

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, Brock Lesnar might defend his Universal Title next at the Money In The Bank 2018 PPV (since that PPV is now considered one of WWE’s top PPV).

Money In The Bank 2018 takes place on June 17.

We’ll keep you updated regarding Lesnar’s upcoming plans.

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