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18. Was Stone Cold Steve Austin Backstage At Raw Last Week?

Before last week’s episode of Raw, rumors were flying around on the Internet that WWF Legend Stone Cold Steve Austin was spotted at the sight of that night’s episode of Raw and that he would be making a surprise appearance that night on Raw.

However, that didn’t happen. Austin addressed those rumors on his podcast and had the following to say:

“There has been word on the street, on my Twitter account, on all the sheets, ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin has indeed been spotted at the Staples Center. Well I can vouch for you or I can clarify that right now; if somebody thought they spotted me, they was wrong. I’m at 316 gimmick street in Marina del Rey. Staples Center is about 20 miles from my house, I ain’t nowhere in sight, I ain’t wearing camo, you can’t see me, because I ain’t there. I’m here at the house laying down an open for this damn podcast.”

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