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Possible Hint Regarding Former WWE Star Returning At Royal Rumble 2018

Ethan Carter III

• Old School WrestleMania Celebrity Would Have Celebrated His Birthday

Today would’ve been the 76th birthday of Old School WWF WrestleMania 1 Celebrity Muhammad Ali (f.k.a Cassius Clay).

Ali is considered one of the best boxers of all time, and probably even THE best boxer in the history of Boxing.


• Former WWE Star’s Return For Royal Rumble 2018 Ruled Out, Return Of Another Former WWE Star At Royal Rumble 2018 Still Possible (Possible Spoiler)

At the recent set of Impact Wrestling TV tapings, former WWE Stars Bobby Lashley & Ethan Carter III (EC3) finished up with the company. This started immediate speculation that both of them would be returning to WWE at Royal Rumble 2018.

While WWE officials are interested in bringing both Lasley & EC3 back, Lashley won’t be able to return at Royal Rumble 2018 PPV as he’s still contracted to Impact Wrestling till February 1st.

On the other hand, WWE can bring EC3 back for the Royal Rumble 2018 PPV as he’s currently a free agent. For those who don’t know, EC3 was Derrick Bateman in WWE/NXT.

Former TNA President Dixie Carter might have hinted at EC3 going to WWE by tagging WWE in her tweet about EC3:

Another hint at EC3 making a surprise return at Royal Rumble 2018 is that he’s been pulled from an indy event which takes place on the same day as the Royal Rumble 2018 PPV.

Below is what Renegade Wrestling Revolution announced:

“BREAKING NEWS!!!!!! Do to reasons out of RWR control EC3 will not be able to attend RWR “OVER THE TOP”. EC3 has said he will be back to RWR in the near future.

We here at RWR wish EC3 the best and will see him soon. But the show must go on so straight from the office of RWR a new main event has been set Champion Ayden Cristiano will now have defend his title versus not 1, not 2, but 3 of the regions top Heavyweights.

So on January 28th at RWR “OVER THE TOP” you will see Ayden Cristiano vs Able Andrew Jackson vs Big Daddy Yum Yum vs Ryan Davidson. Plus so much more. Check out our new flyer to get all the information.”

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