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Possible Hint That John Laurinaitis Might Be Done With WWE

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• Possible Hint That John Laurinaitis Might Be Done With WWE

According to the The Wall Street Journal, WWE’s board is investigating a $3 million “hush-money settlement”, that Vince McMahon paid to a former female WWE employee over an alleged affair between them.

This ex-female employee was hired by WWE in 2019 as a paralegal. The January 2022 separation agreement doesn’t allow this ex-employee to discuss her relationship with Vince or disparage him.

WWE’s board began this investigation in April and a lot of old non-disclosure agreements were opened, which involved claims by multiple ex-WWE female employees of misconduct by Vince McMahon and John Laurinaitis (Head of WWE Talent Relations).

A WWE Spokesperson said the company is fully cooperating with the board’s inquiry and that Vince’s relationship with the ex-employee was consensual.

Jerry McDevitt (Vince’s attorney) said that the ex-employee didn’t make any claims of harassment against Mr. McMahon and that “WWE did not pay any money” to her “on her departure”.

WWE’s board members learned about this $3 million settlement after they received anonymous emails.

The 1st email they received was on March 30, 2022, where a friend of this ex-WWE paralegal claimed that WWE hired the paralegal at a salary of $100,000 at first, but her salary increased to $200,000 after Vince began a $exual relationship with her.

The email also stated that Vince “gave her like a toy” to Laurinaitis. The email also read:

“My friend was so scared so she quit after Vince McMahon and lawyer Jerry paid her millions of dollars to shut up.”

After the ex-paralegal signed her non-disclosure agreement, she was paid $1 million upfront and the rest $2 million will be paid over a period of 5 years.

The ex-paralegal is 41-years-old and told other employees in WWE that she faced a lot of hard times and needed the extra money, as her career got sidetracked after she tended to a sick parent.

In 2021, she was made an assistant to Laurinaitis.

PWInsider then reported that Bruce Prichard (fka Brother Love) is Laurinaitis’ temporary replacement in WWE:

“WWE also informed talents that ‘pending the conclusion of our Board of Directors’ internal investigation’ John Laurinaitis (who has not been on the road since the investigation was publicly revealed) has been placed on ‘administrative leave.’ The memo promised Prichard would provide a ‘seamless transition’.”

In an update to this situation, RSN is reporting that Laurinaitis’ company cell phone number, which he has had since 2001, has been shut off.

This could mean that Laurinaitis might be done with WWE, which wouldn’t be a surprise as many people backstage in WWE guessed Laurinaitis is going to take the fall in this investigation.

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