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8. Eric Bischoff Says He Made Vince Russo Cry In Front Of Other People

During the latest edition of “Bischoff on Wrestling” podcast, former WCW President Eric Bischoff discussed Jim Cornette challenging Vince Russo to a fight. Bischoff was asked if he’ll invite Russo to his podcast and Bischoff noted that it will never, ever happen and below is the reason why:

“Let’s go on record here: It will never, ever happen. It’s not because I am afraid of that piece of garbage. I have called his bullshit to his face, in front of talent and to management for companies he has worked for. I put him on the spot and made him cry in front of other people. Including TNA attorneys and management when I called his bullshit and caught him in a lie. I am not afraid of anybody and certainly not that piece of garbage. I would not give him two seconds of my time to allow the lies and delusional bullshit that I know will come out of his mouth to live on my show.

It has nothing, trust me, to do with fear. He’s not that smart. It’s really easy to catch him in his own bullshit because he believes it. It’s just too easy and it’s never going to happen.”

You can listen to Cornette challenging Russo to a fight below:

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