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3. Does Ryback Want To Become A [email protected] Character On The Indy Scene?

During a recent edition of “Conversations with the Big Guy” podcast, former WWE Superstar Ryback discussed possible ideas for new gimmicks for him for his run on the independent wrestling circuit.

One of these ideas was Ryback becoming a gay character and calling himself “The Big [email protected]” (instead of “The Big Guy”). Below is what Ryback said:

“This idea came to me on different gimmicks for the ‘Big Guy’ on the independence. This one is really out there everybody, but sometimes you just have to say, F*** it. “The Big [email protected]” Ryback. “Baby Got Ryback”. D!ck$ all over the singlet and catchphrase is ‘Feed Me D!ck$.’ I’m the last guy you want to see be [email protected] because I can forcefully throw my will upon you and you can’t stop me. I’m “The Big [email protected]”. You thought Goldust was bad back in the day, you haven’t seen anything yet. Throw myself with anyone and watch what I do. There won’t be a lot of kids watching, and God dammit it’ll be entertaining.

It’s always been very feminine it feels like. I wonder—it’s funny, because back in the day, if you look at old ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin images; he’s wearing like tight jean shorts, his ears are pierced, but when I was a kid I never looked at him like a bada**, but the way you think about that, like, he had big f’n legs where no shorts fit him. He’s a big son of a b****, and he’s not [email protected], but that character, imagine him being [email protected], but still do the same thing. It’s never been done. I’ve always heard rumors – we won’t say any names, but of other wrestlers, big menacing men that are possibly, I don’t know, people’s perceptions are a big thing, but the ‘Big [email protected]’ you can’t stop him, even if you wanted to, you can’t. Holy s***, what are we doing on this show?”

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