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Possible Next Feud For Seth Rollins After WrestleMania 33

WrestleMania 33 - Triple H vs. Seth Rollins (Non-Sanctioned Match)

As seen at WrestleMania 33, Seth Rollins defeated “The Game” Triple H in a “Non-Sanctioned” match. Word going on is that Rollins is expected to feud with Samoa Joe next.

Rollins vs. Joe was originally planned for FastLane 2017 PPV, but it was nixed when Rollins got hurt. Below is what WWE posted regarding Rollins in their Raw preview:

“Say farewell to “Seth Rollins, pawn.” And say hello to “Seth Freakin’ Rollins, free man.” The Architect managed to knock off Triple H in a Non-Sanctioned Match to reclaim his independence, fulfilling his promise to become the person he was before The Game first offered to make him “The Man” in 2014. With Rollins’ destiny now firmly in his own hands, how will the two-time WWE Champion begin his own personal new era?”

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