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Possible Reason Behind Brock Lesnar Defeating Roman Reigns At WrestleMania 34

Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns - WrestleMania 34 Main Event For Universal Championship

• What Did Dana White Think Of Ronda Rousey’s WWE In-Ring Debut?

ESPN reporter Ramona Shelburne posted the following on Twitter regarding what UFC President Dana White said after watching Ronda Rousey’s WWE in-ring debut last night at WrestleMania 34:

“She has always loved professional wrestling and now she gets to have a blast being a part of it. She will be great at ANYTHING she sets her mind to doing. I thought she was incredible tonight and I’m happy for her.”

For those who don’t know, Dana was in attendance at WrestleMania 34 to watch Ronda’s match.

• Mojo Rawley Comments On His WrestleMania 34 Loss

Last year’s Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal winner Mojo Rawley tweeted the following regarding him failing to win the match this year:

• Possible Reason Behind Brock Lesnar Defeating Roman Reigns At WrestleMania 34

WWE shocked the world with the finish of the WrestleMania 34 main event, where “The Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar conquered “The Big Dog” Roman Reigns after delivering 6 F5s.

According to Slice Wrestling, Vince McMahon negotiated with Brock Lesnar over the weekend about signing a new contract prior to WrestleMania 34 and Lesnar had some demands.

The source then reported that one of the demands ending up being Lesnar retaining the Universal Championship at WrestleMania 34.

The latest update from this source is that the finish to Lesnar vs. Reigns II went the way Vince wanted it to go while keeping in mind about the upcoming booking strategies and Lesnar’s new deal.

Speaking of Lesnar & Vince, ProWrestlingSheet reported earlier today that there was a backstage confrontation between Brock Lesnar & Vince McMahon at WrestleMania 34 and people had to step in to make sure things don’t get out of hand.

During this verbal confrontation, an angry Lesnar threw the Universal Title belt either at Vince or the wall.

There’s also a rumour going on that Lesnar went off the script a little bit towards the end of the match, but this hasn’t been confirmed yet.

We’ll keep you updated regarding this situation.

Speaking of Lesnar, below is what WWE posted about him in the RAW preview on their website:

“Paul Heyman said it would be a spoiler, and a spoiler it was. Brock Lesnar defeated Roman Reigns in one of the most shocking WrestleMania main events in history to retain the Universal Championship.

The Beast and Reigns threw down in the barbaric contest, which saw broken tables, a busted open Reigns and six F-5s, which led to The Anomaly standing tall. What new challenges await Lesnar as he continues his now seemingly unstoppable reign atop the red brand? And what does Roman Reigns do now that he’s come up short in his quest to finally tame The Beast?”

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