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Possible Reason Behind Why WWE Is Hesitant On Turning Roman Reigns Heel

Roman Reigns

Despite being booed while being a babyface, WWE officials are very hesitant on turning “The Guy” Roman Reigns a heel.

While one of the reason behind not pulling the trigger on his heel turn is that WWE officials are hell bent on somehow making Reigns the #1 babyface of the company, there possibly could be more to this situation than just that.

Word is going on that one of the possible reasons why WWE is hesitant on turning Roman Reigns heel is due to his merchandise sales being high. While watching WWE programming, it might look like that majority of the fans don’t like Reigns, but that negative reaction hasn’t affected Reigns’ drawing power and his WWE Title win on Raw in 2015 still holds the record for the highest viewership of Raw in the past few years.

So it isn’t surprising to think that WWE might book Reigns to defeat The Undertaker as a babyface and not care about the negative reaction, as the negative reaction doesn’t seem to affect Reigns’ drawing power.

Reigns showed some signs of a heel turn in his promo on this week’s go-home edition of Raw for WrestleMania 33 and you can watch it below:

Reigns tweeted the following after Raw:

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