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Possible Reason SmackDown Live Will Move To Friday Nights When It Moves To The FOX Network

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• Joe Rogan Says CM Punk Should Be Fighting At An Amateur Event, Not On A UFC PPV

During a recent edition of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, UFC commentator Joe Rogan talked about how CM Punk shouldn’t have a fight on a PPV event.

Below are the highlights:

On Punk’s entrance for his UFC debut:

“What was really weird watching him walk to the cage was he was approaching it like a pro wrestling fight. Cause he had done so many of these pro wrestling matches that he was walking to the cage with pro wrestling mannerisms and everything and I was watching this and I did like an internal head shake. Like oh f***.”

On Punk fighting Mickey Gall being a bad idea:

“It was a terrible idea. Whoever on his side said that he could fight Mickey Gall, you’re out of your f***ing mind. Watch that kid fight once. That kid is very good on the ground. Very good. Stand up’s not bad either. He’s tough as s*** and he’s smart. He’s clever and he’s mean. He’s a mean f***er.”

On Punk’s upcoming fight with Mike Jackson at UFC 225 not being PPV worthy:

“It shouldn’t even be on the ‘Tuesday Night Contender’ show. It should be in some amateur event somewhere. That’s really what they are. They’re guys learning how to compete. They’re in the first fight on the PPV. That’s f***ing crazy.”

• Possible Reason SmackDown Live Will Move To Friday Nights When It Moves To The FOX Network

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer recently talked about the possible reason why SmackDown Live is expected to move to Friday nights when it moves to the FOX Network next year.

Below is what Meltzer said (credit to Ringside news for transcription):

“The reason is that they probably felt that Friday is a tough night for television and Saturday night they are doing a lot of sports. They would have to preempt wrestling all the time. So, Saturday’s out. I think that the idea was to put them on FOX, put them on a night that’s not a big night. If they put them on Tuesday, they probably wouldn’t get bigger number than FOX already has on that station.”

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