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Proposition Accusation Made Against WWF Employee, What Vince McMahon Did After He Was Informed

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During an interview on Pollock and Thurston, former WWF wrestler Nick Kiniski (son of Gene Kiniski) claimed that he was propositioned by WWF employee & former wrestler Terry Garvin in the 80s.

Nick revealed that he complained to Vince McMahon about it, but nothing was done. Here’s what Nick said:

“I won’t say what he said, but you’ll understand the meaning behind it. He says, ‘Hey Nick, let me perform oral $ex on you. You can read a Playboy, and you’ll have it made for life’. And, you know, he is my boss, he controls my boss. This is my livelihood, what I want to do.

I kind of joked with him. I said, ‘Hey Terry, you know, I’m not that way. But if I ever change, you’ll be the first. I’ll let you be the first’.

We just kinda laughed it off. But he was always kind of coming up and joking, and one time, he came to my hotel room late at night, and I told him to leave. Knocked at the door.

I called Vince, and I said, ‘Hey, Vince, I don’t think this is right. Terry’s hitting on me. I don’t appreciate that, and I would like it to stop’. And Vince said, ‘Oh, ok. I’ll deal with it’. And that was it.

Nothing changed. [Garvin would] still say, ‘Hey, have you thought about your proposition?’ as he walks by in the dressing room.”

In the aftermath of the Ring Boy Scandal in 1992, Garvin departed from the company, alongside ring announcer Mel Phillips and Pat Patterson.

Nick remembered a situation where he was removed from a show without compensation, which prompted him to voice his grievances to McMahon. He felt that he was being penalized for speaking up. Despite being willing to fulfill his bookings, he refused to lose to anyone:

“Put me in the ring. We’ll see what happens’. Vince knew I could take care of myself, so he said, ‘No’. I said, ‘I’m done’. I said, ‘I’ll finish my matches,’ ‘Nope, you’re done now’. ‘Thank you very much’.”

It should be noted that Barry Orton, brother of Bob Orton Jr. and uncle of Randy Orton, accused Garvin of $exually assaulting him in 1978.

Subsequently, Barry claimed he faced professional repercussions after speaking out about the incident, stating that he had been effectively blacklisted.

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