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BREAKING NEWS: Old School Japanese Wrestling Legend Mr. Pogo Passes Away

We’re saddened to hear about the passing of Puroresu Legend Mr. Pogo and sending our condolences to his friends and family.

He was a true old school veteran of the professional wrestling business, wrestling all over the planet since his debut in 1972.

Mr. Pogo wrestled for several promotions in his homecountry of Japan (NJPW, FMW, W*ING, BJW, …), in the United States (various NWA Territories), in Canada (Stampede Wrestling) and in Puerto Rico (WWC).

Mr. Pogo Promo [WING 1992-02-16] von OldSchoolWrestling

Most Old School fans around the globe remember him as a Hardcore Wrestler during the early & mid 90s, a reputation he got from his career in FMW, a japanese Hardcore Wrestling promotion, similar to what ECW was known for in the states.

Cage Death Match Mr. Pogo vs. Gypsy Joe [WING… von OldSchoolWrestling

Pogo (real name: Tetsuo Sekigawa), who originally retired after breaking his neck in a 1996 death match against Terry Funk, but still continued to wrestle occassionally after that, died from a cerebral infarction during surgery at the age of 66.

Rest In Peace Mr. Pogo
February 5, 1951 – June 23, 2017

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