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Randy Orton Reveals His Most Uncomfortable Storyline In WWE Till Date

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• Randy Orton Reveals His Most Uncomfortable Storyline In WWE Till Date

14-Time World Champion Randy Orton has been in the WWE for over 19 years now and has worked in lot of uncomfortable storylines.

However, the most uncomfortable one was where he was booked to use Eddie Guerrero’s death to gain heat as a heel.

Here’s what Orton had to say about it during a recent appearance on The Kurt Angle Show:

“100% was not comfortable with it. Rey assured me that it’s something Eddie would have wanted, and even still, Rey and myself went to Vickie, and Vickie gave us her blessing.

She said the same thing. Eddie would have wanted to help you guys in this manner if he could have used his death in some way to help the business as morbid as that sounds; he would have wanted us to do it.

Especially with Rey being involved, so although it was a horrible tragedy and we all lost our friend, it was kind of something that helped me along the way in my career, and a lot of people, you know, as a bad guy talking about that.

That was heat, and it worked, you know, it kind of helped with the angle between Rey and me.

But looking back, it will always be something that was a little, you know, there are a lot of things that I’ve done in my career that have made me uncomfortable. I think we can all agree on that, right? Individually, but that, in particular, was something that I’d put at the top of the list.”

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