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Randy Orton Took Revenge On Ex-WWE Diva For Rejecting Him

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Ruthless Aggression Era Legend Randy Orton faced a lot of trouble in his early WWE days due to anger issues and immature behavior.

Former WWE Diva Rochelle Loewen, who had a brief stint (2003-2005) in the company, claimed Orton destroyed her belongings after she rejected his advances.

According to WWE Veteran Renee Dupree, Orton attempted hit on Loewen, which led to rejection and the subsequent vandalism of her possessions with tanning lotion.

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Renee refuted a rumored claim that Randy defecated in her bag, but also mentioned that Loewen later went on a date with Mark Jindrak after turning down Orton.

Here’s what Dupree had to say about The Legend Killer on a recent episode of his ‘Cafe de Rene’ podcast:

“Now, the story I have heard is that he defecated in her bag. That wasn’t it. He put tanning lotion all over her clothes in her bag, probably because Randy tried to hit on her. And Randy, I’m telling you, was not, had no game. Women have a sixth sense. They can smell confidence, and they can smell insecurity when a guy is trying to be a player but not very good at it.

Randy was not very good at it. Now, Mark Jindrak was good at it. He had that, I don’t know, he had that charm. He could do it. Randy didn’t. Randy didn’t have it. He really didn’t.

But what would happen was when a girl would like blow him off, he would get mad, throw a temper tantrum like a small child. Yeah, he never defecated in her bag, but he put tanning lotion. But I believe she was a California girl, so, you know, she had that high-end clothes and stuff, like really, really expensive clothing that was probably just ruined.

I remember her. She was sick hot, but, you know who dated her or went out on a date with her was Jindrak.”

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