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RAW Match Was Cut Short Tonight (Reason)

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On tonight’s RAW (tap here for the complete results), Chad Gable faced Erik of The Viking Raiders and defeated him in 1 minute & 50 seconds.

According to insider source BWE, this match was supposed to be longer, but was cut short at the last minute due to a segment going on longer than planned earlier in the show.

While this is not confirmed, the segment that went longer than its planned time might be the Finn Balor – Seth Rollins segment, where the crowd kept on signing Rollins’ theme song and didn’t allow Balor to talk for a few minutes.

You can watch it below:

During this segment, Balor said Rollins took everything from him when he injured him at SummerSlam 2016, and he will now return the favor and take everything away from him at Money In The Bank.

Seth said in the last 7 years, Finn got bitter while he got better and accepted his challenge.

Rollins asked Finn if he is going to show up as the Finn that beat him for the Universal Title, or the one that’s been acting like a b*tch for the last 7 years.

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