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RAW Star Getting Punished For Not Signing A New Contract?


• Jeff Hardy On The Major Thing That’s Missing From His Character

During a recent roundtable interview with the European market, SmackDown Live star Jeff Hardy talked about bringing back his face paint, adding the eyelid to his make up, not being comfortable using the Hardy Boyz entrance music and more.

Below are the highlights:

On bringing back his face paint:

“I think right when I came back from rotator cuff surgery Michael Hayes or somebody asked, ‘hey do you want to paint your face again?’ Hardy recalled. “I was like, ‘Yeah! Of course, I do! I’d love to!

So I guess the whole thing winning the United States Championship and heading forward it was like, ‘maybe we’ll let him do his own thing since he’s not with Matt.’ Because I asked several times with Matt and they wouldn’t let me do it on TV, I just did it at the live events. It was kinda weird. I think it’s one of those things that’s definitely better to do when I’m doing my singles stuff.”

On adding the eyelid to his make up:

“That eyelid thing is really tough [to apply] it’s challenging, but once I’ve seen what I created it’s all worth it. When I painted my face in ’08-’09 back in the day, I hadn’t come up with that yet. So it’s cool to be here in WWE — because I did it in TNA for so long and it was so cool and I had dreams of doing it here and here we are.”

On not being comfortable using the Hardy Boyz entrance music:

“If we could get ‘No More Words’ back but the band evidently broke up. A lot of people thought that I sung that song, but that was Endeverafter’s song, but I miss that dearly.

I know a lot of my fans want to hear that more than anything. Because in my opinion, it’s better to save that Hardy Boyz music for the Hardy Boyz. I don’t feel comfortable using it, but I’m not going to complain.

It might be time to do something completely fresh. But I definitely more than anything right now what’s missing from the Jeff Hardy character on SmackDown is my own entrance music. I need something new and fresh if I don’t get to use ‘No More Words.'”

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• RAW Star Getting Punished For Not Signing A New Contract?

It looks like Dolph Ziggler is back to being the guy who jobs to other wrestlers most of the time. The Showoff dropped the Intercontinental Championship to Seth Rollins at SummerSlam 2018 and lost against Dean Ambrose on RAW this past Monday.

The reason behind the sudden change in the booking of Ziggler is quite absurd though. According to the Fired Up podcast, Ziggler didn’t sign his new contract at SummerSlam 2018 which is why WWE has brought out the shovels to bury him.

Vince McMahon controls everything that happens on WWE TV. Ziggler probably made him upset by not signing the new contract which has now resulted in Ziggler losing two nights in a row to Shield members.

Ziggler’s losing streak is now expected to continue.

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