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4. Reason Behind Braun Strowman Attacking Enzo Amore Last Week, Strowman Booed After No Mercy 2017, Raw Star Injured (To Be Out Of Action For Months Due To Surgery?)

– As seen on last week’s go-home edition of Raw for No Mercy 2017, “The Monster Among Men” Braun Strowman attacked Enzo Amore. The reason behind WWE booking this was to generate heel heat for Strowman as the crowd likes Enzo. However, that segment didn’t generate any heel heat for Strowman as the crowd loved Strowman destroying Enzo. You can watch it below:

Speaking of Strowman, he was booed after No Mercy 2017 went off the air as many fans were left disappointed with the Universal Title main event match between him and Brock Lesnar.

– Raw Star & WWF Veteran Jeff Hardy suffered a shoulder injury back at the Great Balls of Fire 2017 PPV and that injury is really troubling him now. Jeff was seen clutching his shoulder in pain on last week’s episode of Raw. Due to this injury, Jeff didn’t work a recent Raw Live Event and Matt Hardy ended up having a singles match.

If he undergoes surgery, then expect him to be out of action for several months.

UPDATE: WWE has confirmed that Jeff will undergo surgery on October 3rd and he’s now expected to be out of action for several months.

Below is what WWE Senior Ringside Physician Dr. Stephen Daquino had to say about Jeff’s injury:

“Jeff is dealing with a rotator cuff tear right now. It’s a full thickness tear of his supraspinatus tendon and a couple of other areas in the shoulder. He’s going to go for evaluation and probably for surgery next week.”

Jeff still expects to be present on WWE TV while he’s recovering from surgery:

“There’s a lot of crazy ideas. It inspires me to think a lot more about what I can do other than the extreme stunts and still be entertaining.”

Below is what Jeff’s wife tweeted:

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