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RAW Star Says WWE Shouldn’t Have Made Him A Babyface

Bobby Lashley Survivor Series 2018

• On This Day In Pro Wrestling History (November 14, 1992) – WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event 31

On this day in Pro Wrestling history on November 14, 1992, the World Wrestling Federation aired ‘WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event 31’ on Fox.

The entire event was originally taped on October 27, 1992 at the Hulman Center in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Here are the results:

WWF Tag Team Championship: The Ultimate Maniacs defeated Money Inc. (c) (with Jimmy Hart) via count-out

WWF Intercontinental Championship: Shawn Michaels defeated The British Bulldog (c)

WWF World Heavyweight Championship: Bret Hart (c) defeated Papa Shango

• RAW Star Says WWE Shouldn’t Have Made Him A Babyface

During a recent interview with SportsBible, RAW Superstar Bobby Lashley talked about returning to WWE earlier this year and being a babyface.

Lashley says WWE should’ve just turned him heel soon after his return, but it wasn’t possible as fans would’ve popped for his return:

“The (heel) turn should’ve come when I first came back. However, I couldn’t come out as a heel when I first started because the crowd waited for me to come back and wanted me back.

Now is the perfect time though, I mean we have so many top babyfaces right now guys who are established so instead of forcing them into a different role, me being there is a little bit better.”

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