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RAW Star Teases His Resurrection, Scheduled To Get A Singles Push



On this day in 1999, Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling aired another LIVE episode of their weekly TV show ‘WCW MONDAY NITRO’.

It was broadcasted from Miami, Florida and featured matches & segments on the road to the ‘WCW Fall Brawl 1999’ PPV.

The card can be found here:

1. Lodi vs. Evan Karagias

2. Barry Horowitz vs. Al Greene

3. 12 Man Battle Royal

4. Johnny Swinger vs. Prince Iaukea

5. Steve Regal vs. Buff Bagwell

6. Juventud Guerrera & Psicosis & Blitzkrieg vs. Kidman & Eddie Guerrero & Chavo Guerrero

7. Kendall Windham vs. Shane Douglas

8. Jerry Flynn vs. Barry Windham

9. Hugh Morrus vs. Perry Saturn

10. WCW US Title: Chris Benoit vs. Dean Malenko

11. Cage Match: Sid Vicious, Rick Steiner & DDP vs. Hulk Hogan, Goldberg & Sting

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• RAW Star Teases His Resurrection, Scheduled To Get A Singles Push

Former WWE Champion and current RAW Superstar Bray Wyatt teased his resurrection by posting the following tweet:

With Wyatt’s tag team run with WOKEN Matt Hardy ending due to Matt’s in-ring career being over, Wyatt is scheduled to get back to singles action on Monday Night RAW.

According to WrestleVotes, Wyatt’s character is scheduled to get a slight refresh and he’s in-line for a singles babyface push.

We’ll keep you updated on Wyatt’s status.

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