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RAW Star Tells The Undertaker, Kane & DX To Get Out

The Undertaker & Kane (Brothers of Destruction) vs. Triple H & Shawn Michaels (D-Generation X) WWE Crown Jewel PPV Saudi Arabia 2018

• On This Day In Pro Wrestling History (February 18, 1995) – Old School Wrestling Veteran Passed Away

On this day in 1995, we lost Old School Wrestling Veteran “Hot Stuff” Eddie Gilbert (Real name: Thomas Gilbert Jr.) at the young age of 33 due to a heart attack.

Eddie wrestled for all the major big promotions during his career, including the World Wrestling Federation, Jim Crockett Promotions, World Championship Wrestling, Mid-South/UWF, ECW, USWA, GWF, …

He was married to famous wrestling valet Missy Hyatt from 1987 till 1989 and then married Madusa (later known as Alundra Blayze) in 1992.


August 14, 1961 – February 18, 1995

• RAW Star Tells The Undertaker, Kane & DX To Get Out

During a recent interview on BBC Sounds’ Headliners, RAW Star Elias talked about John Cena & Daniel Bryan not working last year’s WWE Crown Jewel PPV in Saudi Arabia, Legends like The Undertaker and Triple H still competing & more.

Below are the highlights:

On John Cena & Daniel Bryan refusing to work WWE Crown Jewel PPV in Saudi Arabia:

“Everyone’s entitled to their own decisions and to do what they want. We are not forced to do anything in this company that somebody doesn’t feel comfortable with, and if they didn’t feel comfortable, simple as that. And the show goes on and it’s as simple as that. It’s a show for people to enjoy. WWE is going to find a way for people to enjoy it whether John Cena is there or he’s not there. Or Daniel Bryan there or not there, they make things work. Simple as that.”

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On the main event of WWE Crown Jewel featuring WWF Legends:

“There was a time when I respected The Undertaker, I respected Shawn Michaels, I respected Triple H, and now they just hang around. They keep having these matches with each other. I just want them gone, so, any respect I did have for these guys is out the window.

The whole thing, The Brothers of Destruction, DX, any of that stuff, that was an attitude era thing. But you’re looking at the guy right now, so, step aside and it’s Elias’ time. Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, Triple H, Kane, get out of here, man. Get out!”

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