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RAW Wrestler Has Backstage Heat For Recent Comments About Roman Reigns

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• RAW Wrestler Has Backstage Heat For Recent Comments About Roman Reigns

RAW wrestler Riddle has been targeting Brock Lesnar and Goldberg for years.

He has insulted them publicly on multiple occasions, in hopes of securing a match against them.

However, that won’t happen. Brock Lesnar shut him down in a face-to-face encounter backstage at Royal Rumble 2020, while WWE books Goldberg with main eventers only, especially now that he’s towards the end of his current contract.

After failing to get a match against those megastars, Riddle has shifted his attention towards Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

Here’s what the current RAW Tag Team Champion said about “The Tribal Chief” during a recent interview with Bleacher Report:

“No disrespect to Roman, he seems like a swell fella, but at the same time, it’s like when people say they’re a good parent, you know what? If you were a good parent, your kids would be telling you you’re a good parent.

When he’s saying ‘Acknowledge me’ or ‘I move the needle,’ no, you don’t. You’re related to The Rock. Shut up. Like, I’m not impressed, I can beat you up in a real fight. So, shut your mouth.

You’re not moving needles. I’m the real stallion, RK-Bro is moving the merch, we’re moving the needle, and that’s it. I don’t want to say too much, I’m not trying to get in trouble.

Hey, hats off to him. He’s amazing at what he does. I do like what he does, but at the same time, it’s like, get off your high horse.

You’re in that spot for a reason. You’re not a bro. You’re second generation. I’m first generation.”

This was in response to Roman Reigns recently claiming that he’s the reason SummerSlam 2021 was the most-watched SummerSlam in the history of WWE.

According to the Wrestling Observer, Riddle has backstage heat for calling out the face of WWE like that, but it won’t hurt his push much because Vince McMahon likes him:

“His mouth gets him in trouble a lot, including this last week. It’s not like it’s gonna hurt his push, because Vince likes him and everything, but he ruffled some feathers again with his comments on Roman Reigns.”

This isn’t the first time Riddle got backstage heat, and most probably won’t be the last time.

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